Benefits Of Becoming An Alarm Connections Partner

Access to capital and financing alternatives for most family-owned and -operated alarm service companies is limited, and in many cases, prohibitive. That’s where we come in. We help alarm company owners just like you raise money to fund your business and personal goals. Our program allows you to do it all — to raise capital and remain in business with your own local brand. That’s why Alarm Connections is recognized as one of the premier funding sources in the industry.

1.    STAY INDEPENDENT: You’ll continue to maintain every relationship with your customers. Keep your name and continue to build off your reputation and expertise. When you become an Alarm Connections partner, you won’t change the way you are doing business.

2.    EARN A COMPETITIVE MULTIPLE: We pay competitive multiples in a transparent fashion. Enjoy additional revenue opportunities from ongoing service, adds, moves, changes, referrals, upgrades, new locations — just like it is today.

3.    TRUSTED INDUSTRY EXPERTS: With over 15 years of supporting local alarm service companies, we’ve been a trusted funding partner for hundreds of businesses. Our Annual Partner Conference provides unparalleled opportunities for networking with other local dealers, high value learning opportunities from the finest suppliers to our industry and an open sharing of best practices to improve our businesses.

4.    RAISE MONEY WITHOUT BORROWING: We’ll purchase a portion of your accounts, provide the capital you need while you maintain and grow your business. No borrowing. No signing away of personal or business assets.

5.    ONGOING EXPEDITED FUNDING: We quickly and efficiently fund your business so you have the capital you need for business growth. We can continue to purchase new accounts on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to fund your growth.

6.    FREE BUSINESS SUPPORT: Get expert business development, technology, and marketing support whenever you need it. We also have a variety of other call center and online support services to help you manage your business and improve customer experience. Contact us today at or give us a call at 888.409.3406. Visit us online at

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