Increase Building Safety By Reducing The Spread Of Germs

Hands spread more than 80 percent of viruses, making health and safety a concern for buildings. As businesses take steps to resume normal operations, there is a need for infection prevention and control in public and shared spaces. With 2-10 million bacteria on a person’s fingertips, commonly touched surfaces are a breeding ground for germs and sickness. One of the most touched surfaces in any building is a door handle.

Stop the transmission of viruses with touchless or hands-free door opening devices to help promote health and safety.

Safety Technology International (STI) offers NoTouch® IR Switches with NoTouch technology. The contactless buttons allow users to exit or enter a building without touching a door. To activate, users must simply wave their hand in front of the touchless button. The active infrared detects the motion and unlatches the time adjustable door, preventing germs from transferring to hundreds of hands and surfaces.

STI’s durable buttons offer:

Safety. The NoTouch IR Switches are a simple solution to help safely protect users and inhibit the risk of growth and exposure to bacteria.

Confidence.  NoTouch active infrared delivers unprecedented technology to easily detect a waving motion to unlatch the time adjustable door.

Choices. The IR switch includes three interchangeable snap-in illuminated messages (white OPEN, green EXIT, blue EXIT), and is customizable. Dual color status LED allows installers to choose color indicators (green/red or red/green).

Experiencing problematic exits/entries through unsupervised doors? The Exit Stopper®, a standalone alarm, flashes and sounds when a door is opened — helping deter unwanted use. Additional sirens/strobes attract immediate attention and are available for doors, cabinets, enclosures and more.

Safety and quick reaction time are a greater concern for facilities. Capable of being activated with an elbow, STI’s easy-to-use lockdown push buttons allow a user to perform an effective and confident action when needed. The buttons are available in six colors, and are offered with lockdown, emergency or custom labeling and several switch choices.

Rely on STI® for covers, cages, alarms and buttons. For more information on Safety Technology International’s solutions to building problems, visit or call 248-673-9898.