We’ve long seen AI and Automation advertised in the market, but those solutions seem to either have limited or overly specific applications that don’t fully address the needs of today’s central station or security operations center (SOC). The demand for labor coupled with the increasing noise of alarm and events that a center must manage has become increasingly difficult as security and safety services evolve to address other pressing needs of today’s customers.immix

It is a difficult art to balance site risk with the time and attention of an operator. Erring too far on the side of caution can create crippling operational impacts and paralyze a center’s ability to scale. On the other hand, a conservative approach runs the risk of missing a real incident and could jeopardize your customer.

Enter Immix’s AI Link solution. Partnering with some of the top AI providers in the industry, Immix’s AI Link assures no alarms get lost - all while tagging each as ‘Verified’ or ‘Unverified’ so that operators can focus on real alarms. Not only does AI Link add another layer of defense to managing efficiencies, it provides more data which can be analyzed, leading to greater insights and can well-inform overall enhancements to the monitoring solution.

But further automation is now possible, which could truly revolutionize the services that most central stations and SOCs are able to provide. Operators perform numerous repetitive tasks every day, most of which don’t require escalation but are done for compliance purposes. Imagine if even half of these tasks could be automated. A monitoring center would then be able to free up valuable operator time to deliver other, more interactive services.

Immix is developing an automated solution which will allow monitoring centers to develop a new menu of services. Video guard tours, where each scene is reviewed for compliance and safety, can instead be processed by AI and raised to an operator for investigation and action only when certain anomalies are detected. This means that a central station or SOC can expand the services offered without increasing their labor costs, making far better use of their people and increasing the margins on these services.

Touting the age-old comparison between humans and technology, these automated guard tours offer significant value beyond just labor savings. Guaranteed to be processed consistently, they do not take up a seat or equipment in your monitoring center and are immune to bad days or call-offs. This moves the needle on the service to labor ratio that a center needs to scale, allowing a central station or SOC to accelerate their growth at a much faster pace than ever before. With an automated guard tour solution, not only do the applications of AI better align to fit the service model of a monitoring center, it allows for the market to build new solutions for the next frontier, whatever that may be.