More than 400 exhibitors are expected to showcase their products and services at ISC East in New York City, November 3 – 4, 2004, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Attendees at the ISC East show this year in New York City – particularly if they participate in the ISC East conference program – will be exposed to “the need for truly integrated solutions, creating efficiencies, and reducing the total cost of ownership essential in today’s security marketplace,” said Jim Gompers, president and CEO of Gompers Inc.

He will be speaking in the Systems Integration Workshop, which is a two-part series.

“End users need to demand integration and convergence; integrators need to provide it and vendors need to support it,” Gompers said.

His position gives him a unique point of view from which to speak to ISC attendees, he said.

“As a consultant from the end-users’ perspective, I’ve seen the best and the worst the security industry has to offer. I hope to shed some light on what integration and convergence is, where the market is currently and where it’s going.”

He said that with the latest advances in technology, ISC attendees must master entirely new skills.

“I will be talking about a new skill set needed in the sales and implementation process, which relates to facilitation. Times are changing and end users, integrators and vendors need to arm themselves with the tools needed to realize the benefits of a truly integrated solution.”

Another speaker at this year’s show is Tom Goldman, CEO of NetBotz. He said the biggest issues in play include “how to converge physical security onto an IP network without bringing it to its knees.”

End-to-end solutions, specifically the question of “are they there and how do they work?” also will be discussed. On physical security, he said the discussion will start with “starting now with something you can build on.”

He also cited other relevant points for discussion: “What kind of IT expertise do you really need for IP-based physical security products?” and “Will your physical security solution scale with new technologies?”

Finally, he said attendees will also discuss the question, “Do you really need to worry about NBC-type threats?” Goldman is part of a panel titled “Physical IT Security – Get First-hand Knowledge on Real-world Physical IT Security Implementation.”

Paul Smith, DVTel COO, will speak about the emergence and usage of CCTV and DVRs. “Recently we’ve had a number of high-profile events – the Olympics, the two political conventions, to name a few – which illustrate how widespread and important video surveillance has become. As we’ll see at ISC East, the industry focus is turning now to how we can view, manage and analyze all that video in the most effective way. As the DVR era comes to a close, we’re seeing security management moving to the IP network – it’s now possible to transmit all this video, as well as audio and other data in digital format, end-to-end, over a network. That’s going to give security directors tremendous power to meet the increased demands being placed on them.”

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