Security alarm dealers and systems integrators should continue to keep their errors and omissions and general liability insurance up to date and current, as an integral part of professional services to their customers.

“It may not be widely known that errors and omissions and general liability and other programs are available through the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA),” says Patrick Devereaux, senior vice president, Emergency24, Chicago. “Third party providers need to take it upon themselves to bring to their attention that it’s out there – and that it can help make the industry stronger. It’s a great program for dealers,” he says.

The NBFAA has long offered errors and omissions, general liability, directors and officers and other insurance to its members. When the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act was passed in the late 1990s, NBFAA took advantage of the provisions and began offering its program through the Security America Risk Retention Group. For more information, visit or