Supreme Security Systems, Union, N.J., was founded in 1929 and is celebrating its 75th anniversary.
When Supreme Security Systems, Union, N.J., was founded in 1929, security services essentially were shaking shopkeepers’ doors every night to make sure they were locked. Since then, Supreme Security has developed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of security solutions and acquired smaller alarm and security companies to become the largest independent, full-service electronic security provider in New Jersey, according to the company.

“What keeps us going is experience, know-how and reputation,” emphasized David Bitton, COO. “A lot of companies come and go, but we can stand in front of a customer as a third-generation, family-owned business and say we provide top-notch service and excellent quality, and it’s one of our biggest selling points.

“We try to get a good understanding of the customers’ needs and make our recommendations based on that, not what we have on the shelf or what the salesman wants to sell,” Bitton stressed.

“We are fighting against the commoditization of our industry,” pointed out Robert Bitton, David’s father. “We offer a very customized service — every customer’s business is a little different.”

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Supreme will launch a marketing campaign to promote its services, hold a series of events to show appreciation for customers, and formally recognize a number of employees who have contributed to the company’s long-term success.

In 1960, the company had five employees. Now its nearly 100 long-term employees provide more than 10,000 businesses, industrial facilities and residences with advanced burglar and fire alarms and systems for closed circuit video, access control and process and environmental monitoring.

Supreme’s clients include T-Mobile, Charlie Brown’s Restaurants, K-Mart, A&P Supermarkets, Prudential and Cablevision, the company states.

“The technology is so fantastic now and increasingly affordable, and we’re able to establish a tangible return for our clients,” asserted Robert Snyder, sales manager.