Tri-Ed Distribution Inc., Woodbury, N.Y., donated $10,000 to the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), Frisco, Texas, a coalition of national professional trade associations in North America established to provide resources and information on alarm management issues.

“SIAC is doing critical work for the industry right now,” said Steve Roth, Tri-Ed Distribution president and CEO. “Tri-Ed Distribution will continue to support this and other programs that promote the understanding of the public safety value of alarm systems.”

A non-profit organization, SIAC conducts research and creates education programs on alarm response issues and provides a single voice for the alarm industry on public policy issues.

“SIAC supports a cooperative effort between law enforcement and the alarm industry and we are getting results, including a 64 percent reduction in the alarm dispatch rate,” said Stan Martin, SIAC executive director. “It’s important for industry leaders like Tri-Ed Distribution to continue to support our programs.”

Roth has long been a key supporter of the industry, and, throughout the 1990s, he earned recognition for his industry advocacy efforts. Under his leadership, organizations he represented contributed substantial resources to ensure a level playing field for security dealers during the Regional Bell Operating Companies attempted entry into the electronic security business. His efforts earned him the Stanley C. Lott Award in 1996. The award is given only for the recognition of long-term contributions to the industry.

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