Viscount Systems Inc., Burnaby, British Columbia, released the company’s complete MESH Automated Facility Protection platform. The platform includes all modules previously released for future construction projects as well as a number of enhancements for immediate sale and retrofit applications.

The company released a 48-page single product brochure detailing the benefits of the product for physical access control, voice, video and software for consultants and end users. The brochure is also designed as a sales manual to assist industry sales people with selling the product.

After several years of early commercial applications, Viscount launched its final stage full commercial product line. “The U.S. government HSPD-12 smart card standard that begins deployment this year is a perfect example of how the platform has created unforeseen opportunities. This new standard is based on IT principles that are not generally compatible with any existing physical access system and in the past few years multinationals have invested heavily to acquire control panel suppliers. The industry is now struggling with the government to find a compromise,” said Stephen Pineau, president and CEO of Viscount. For more information,