As electronic recordkeeping becomes universally accepted in the medical, computer, military and high-tech sectors, data becomes increasingly valuable. Securing that data now must extend down to the rack level in corporate and contracted data centers. To meet this need, Southco and Digitus Biometrics launched the first electromechanical latch (EML) system with an integrated biometric reader for server enclosures. The db ServerRack access control system uses Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle with a built-in, multi-stage fingerprint verification and access control system from Digitus Biometrics. The db ServerRack access control unit connects directly to a data center’s network via an ordinary RJ45 connector. The system is anchored by Digitus Access Software (DAS), allowing user access to the cabinets to be managed from a single desktop. The system fits industry-standard panel preparations and accommodates both left and right doors. Because the biometric reader is integrated into the handle, the entire system can be quickly and easily retrofitted into existing enclosures. Interfaced with a monitoring network, DAS will provide security teams with complete accounting of all activity at the rack, including who accessed it, when it was accessed and the duration.

Southco, Digitus Biometrics
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