With the news that the first professionals have earned the Commercial Lighting Controls CLC-C Crestron certification, smartHOME grabbed some information on that firm’s DigitalMedia certification programs, closer to home electronic system contractors.

That called for a talk with Randy Surovy, Crestron Technical Institute training manager.

“For many years, those black boxes were only as good as the black box. Now, the better the programmer, the better the final job. We offer levels of programming training,” says Surovy. There are so-called essential classes, then courses that go more in depth. Some mandate a test to prove knowledge gained. DigitalMedia (DM) is Crestron’s AV source-to-display end-to-end engineered solution.

DM Certified Designer — The DMC-D class is a free one-day course that concludes with an exam that must be passed to earn certification. A DM Certified Designer understands the fundamental differences between analog and digital systems and the unique design considerations needed to ensure reliable operation.

DM Certified Technician — The DMC-T class is designed for professionals who perform the actual installation or need a better understanding of the installation requirements of a project.

DM Certified Engineer — The DMC-E certification is a three-day program that includes the DMC-D certification and DMC-T Certification as part of the curriculum. This program details every aspect of system installation and commissioning.