S2 Security, Framingham, Mass., announced a strategic technology partnership that will make S2’s browser-based security management systems (SMS) available to Blackboard Transact™’s education customers. Under the agreement, Blackboard was scheduled to begin incorporating the S2 Security NetBox and Enterprise SMS products into the Blackboard Transact security product suite in March 2013.

“Security technology plays a critical role in creating a supportive learning environment,” said David Marr, president of Blackboard Transact. “Partnering with S2 will give our clients who have more complex security requirements even more options when reviewing security solutions from Blackboard.”

S2’s integrated access control and video management systems are extensively used in K-12, school districts, and higher education, S2 noted.

Because S2 systems can be operated by authorized users wherever there is a network connection, emergency requirements, such as total facility lockdowns, can be activated instantly either on location or remotely via a wireless device, the company described.

“S2’s products are popular in education because of their ability to scale, ease of use, and world-class customer support,” said John L. Moss, CEO, S2 Security. “Collaborating with Blackboard Transact creates new opportunities for us to reach education customers seeking effective, manageable ways to protect students, faculty and staff.”

For information, visit www.s2sys.com.