,Vienna, Va., a provider of interactive security and connected home services, announced its new Energy Monitoring solution that provides consumers with a view of their whole home and individual device energy usage, fully integrated through the website and mobile apps with their security, video and home automation services.

Consumer adoption of home energy products and services is increasing, but reaping the full energy-saving benefits requires that consumers have an easy way to both monitor energy consumption throughout the home and take steps to reduce their energy usage through convenient web and mobile tools.’s approach to energy monitoring allows consumers to track energy usage in kilowatt-hours and actual dollars, for the whole home and for individual energy-consuming devices. With this added insight, users can measure the actual impact of’s energy saving home automation features, like light schedules, thermostat schedules, location-based thermostat automation, and the ability to set back the thermostat when the security system is armed in away mode, indicating that no one is home.

“Because our underlying security platform is tightly integrated with thermostats, lights, appliances and other home automation devices around the home, has made it easy for consumers to transform energy usage data into actionable changes that reduce energy consumption,” said Alison Slavin, vice president of product management, “Our new energy monitoring solution enhances the mobile app and Web interface by providing an integrated view of energy usage and home activity.”

Several security dealer partners have been trialing the new energy monitoring solution, including Vector Security and Advanced Security Engineering.

“Our customers are increasingly looking beyond security, seeking a connected home experience that allows them to use mobile apps and the Web to remotely manage and control energy and automation services,” said Tom Rogers, vice president, Operations, Vector Security. “Fully leveraging these new connected home energy services requires the ability for consumers to easily monitor energy consumption, which is why’s solution is resonating loudly with customers who want to better understand how they consume energy, and how to do so more efficiently.”

“We’ve been very pleased with the energy monitoring solution. It’s a big step forward because it actually shows the customer the amount of money they save by doing things like turning lights off or adjusting the thermostat” said Gene Jordan, president, Advanced Security Engineering. “We believe this tangible proof of savings will help to drive increased interest in, and usage of, both home automation and energy monitoring services.”

The Energy Monitoring solution builds on several recently announced energy-focused product and service innovations that extend the customer’s ability to manage and control home energy services throughout the home, including:

• Geo-Services – recently expanded its Geo-Services offering to include control of thermostats, allowing consumers to maximize energy savings by having thermostats automatically adjust based on their mobile phone location.

• Solar Panel Integration – By integrating rooftop solar solutions into the interactive services platform, consumers are able to see their home’s solar energy production compared to their energy usage and home activity.

• Integration with Lutron – Joint subscribers can, from a single application, control their Lutron lights and shades, and can create automation rules that use their security system and sensor activity as triggers to change light and shade settings.

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