Featuring two-and-a-half levels of interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations, the Ali Center carries on Ali’s legacy and inspires the exploration of the greatness within ourselves. It includes a five-screen orientation theater, timeline of Ali’s life, historical Civil Rights era and fight footage, exhibit galleries, and hands-on boxing fun. It also includes an Ali Center retail store and lunch café.

To improve image resolution and flexibility, the museum decided to upgrade to a new IP-based system.  The project was not as straightforward as initially thought. Budgets had to be met and facility disruptions kept to a minimum.

To perform the upgrade, the Ali Center turned to Tyco Integrated Security Boca, Raton, Fla. After a careful site plan review, Tyco Integrated Security recommended the NVT Ethernet over Coax (EoC) solution based on past successes at other customer sites because:

  1. Re-deployed coax eliminates the expense of pulling out old cable and the installation of new network wiring;
  2. There would be zero facility disruption;
  3. Power-over-Ethernet signals are easily delivered at extended distances without the need for mid-span repeaters or IDF wiring closets; and
  4. Successful deployment experiences were experienced at other Tyco customers’ sites.

Today, the Ali Center has more than 30 cameras protecting the museum and its three-level underground parking garage. The existing surveillance system transmitted analog video 800 to 1,200 feet over traditional coax cable to the control room.

 In selecting the NVT EoC solution, the Ali Center was able to install a cost-effective surveillance upgrade, using existing cable at extended distances, all with no disruption to visitor enjoyment of the facility.