Photo courtesy of Pakedge

Pakedge Device & Software, Poster City, Calif., expanded its wireless access point lineup with the introduction of its W7R Rack-Mountable Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point (WAP). The new W7R provides simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz operation and comes with symmetrical rack-mountable brackets. The W7R offers improved range, data throughput and reliability along with greater configuration options compared to conventional designs.

The W7R utilizes Pakedge-exclusive Smartwav™ technology to proactively learn the wireless environment around the WAPs and dynamically direct its signal toward client devices and around potential sources of interference, like microwaves or thick walls. This allows Pakedge devices to produce a more powerful signal with greater coverage, yet still use less power. The W7R's four Smartwav antennas allow it to broadcast constructive signals by synchronizing waveforms, further increasing range, throughput and quality of service via an extremely stable radio signal, without the peaks and valleys that characterize traditional wireless devices.

The W7R features band-steering functionality that can automatically push capable clients from the 2.4GHz band to the less-congested 5.0GHz band for improved performance. It employs Pakedge's TruStream™ suite of features designed to provide best-quality streaming media performance. TruStream allows the W7R to recognize and categorize network traffic and ensure that high-priority traffic like streaming video, music or VoIP is given precedence. TruStream avoids interference or high latency, which can cause buffering, lag or even complete interruption of streaming playback.

The Pakedge W7R is optimized for use with smartphones, tablets, laptops and home control devices. Its SectorMaxx™ software takes a new approach to handling environmental wireless noise. SectorMaxx optimizes the device's signal-to-noise ratio, yielding up to three times the broadcast range of traditional wireless access points.

The W7R offers three deployment options: standalone via built-in Smartwav intelligence, using the Pakedge PC and Mac Software Discovery Tool or integration with the Pakedge C36 Wireless Network Controller for a fully-harmonized network. The W7R also integrates with the Pakedge BakPak™ cloud-integrated mobile and Web app, enabling reporting and basic maintenance to be done from anywhere in the world and across any platform including laptop browser, tablet and mobile device access.

The W7R provides multiple SSID and VLAN support. It is compatible with the Pakedge C36 wireless network controller to receive commands from a central control center. Like all Pakedge products, the W7R is specifically built for custom-installation and high-reliability applications, with an aluminum housing that provides maximum protection from interference and efficient cooling when used in tight spaces.

The W7R is currently available. Please consult with a Pakedge dealer for pricing.