Thanks to a new partnership announced at ISC West, Hikvision’s embedded recording solutions are now integrated with Solink’s event-based video discovery platform. The integration will allow Hikvision’s video recorders to seamlessly access Solink’s contextual analytics and business applications for loss prevention, operations, risk management and other data-intensive fields.

Retail is one of a diverse set of vertical markets Hikvision serves, offering a variety of video recording products that span from SMBs to enterprise applications. Its video storage solutions are designed to provide users with ease of use, large-capacity storage and reliability.

Solink’s retail application uses video data to help retailers understand and make better decisions around loss prevention and content management. The integration with Hikvision allows retailers to better manage shrink through a contextual exception-based reporting system.

“Our customers are interested in maximizing the use of video intelligence to protect business assets and increase revenue,” said Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA. “Our association with Solink opens a new level of enhanced video analytics and content analysis that will redefine the use and value of stored and live video recordings.”

By adding structured video data to traditional data sources, Solink enables decision-makers to quickly identify and react to threats and opportunities across their business.

“The Solink platform allows for data to be consolidated and alerted-upon once suspicious events are identified. This type of data-driven decision-making is quickly becoming a standard amongst owners, managers and executive teams,” said Solon Angel, head of product for Solink.