Genetec, a manufacturer of unified IP security solutions, demonstrated at ISC West new features of its flagship security center, an open-platform IP security system that seamlessly merges IP video management, access control and automatic license plate recognition. In addition to a preview of Security Center version 5.3, Genetec showcased the unified communications capabilities of its SIP-based intercom management module, Sipelia, and its new cloud archives service.

New features in the next version of Security Center will include a way to help end users attain greater performance with their system to efficiently view ultra-HD and megapixel resolutions via GPU-accelerated video decoding capabilities. Leveraging off-the-shelf video graphics cards, Security Center will be able to display more high-resolution streams and enhance the fluidity of video playback, while minimizing investment in additional workstations.

Additionally, the new incident recording capabilities in Security Center will enable seamless export and sharing of archived incidents. It will allow operators to storyboard complete incidents following the sequences in which they occurred by simply dragging cameras of interest within Security Center monitoring tiles, reducing time spent compiling video exports.

Rounding up the expected new features in Security Center will be the archive transfer tool, which will enable users to transfer video from one archiver to another, a redesigned Security Center Web client, and enhancements to the Genetec video player and export workflow.

Genetec’s cloud archives service for Security Center allows organizations to easily scale the available storage capacity of their surveillance system and eliminate the need to invest in additional servers. This hybrid cloud service is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for customers who need to extend their video retention period or implement off-site recording.

Genetec’s Sipelia communications management module seamlessly unifies communications with video and access control on the same IP network so operators can engage in user-to-user video calls within Security Center’s unified security interface. This standards-based system initiate protocol integration works with Genetec partner intercom door station and master station control hardware.

Finally, Genetec’s control panel feature for its SV-32 unified security appliance. This new dashboard allows system administrators to easily configure system settings, as well as easily access new Security Center updates.

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