COPsync Inc. announced a joint technology development agreement with LIFEWatch USA, a provider of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). The collaboration will focus on the development, marketing, and distribution of a hand-held device, tentatively named the COPsync Beacon, which may be used to remotely trigger a COPsync911 alert.

The development of COPsync Beacon is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to seek business relationships that enhance the functionality of its SaaS platforms and its marketing and distribution efforts. COPsync911 provides a mechanism for persons under threat to send an emergency alert through the COPsync911 threat-alert system, already installed in over 1,200 locations in 10 states.

“Through our relationship with COPsync, we believe we are addressing all of the critical features to maximize safety and protection specifically for educators and their students,” said Evan Sirlin, president of LIFEWatch USA. “We believe the COPsync Beacon will allow a rapid response to situations such as an active shooter, whether on a college campus or a lone worker situation. ”

Ronald A. Woessner, COPsync CEO, said, “We cannot think of a better company to work with than LIFEWatch USA for adding a remote device alert capability to the COPsync911 threat-alert system. We look forward to working together with one of the most recognized American brands that have provided the medical alert services as seen on TV for the last 20 years.”

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