Family-owned Kenton Brothers Systems for Security relocated from the Crossroads District to a building 10 times the size in the Truman Road Corridor at 3401 E. Truman Road. Expansion was necessary due to several consecutive years of growth, 40 percent in just the past year alone, the company stated in a press release. 

The 120-year-old security systems company’s relocation offers opportunity to scale up operations to better meet demand for security products and services, plus plenty of convenient parking. Kenton Brothers expects to begin moving to the new location in August.
Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers, said, “We have been in the Crossroads for 46 of our 120 years in business. In order to serve our customers more efficiently and continue providing the level of service we’re known for, it’s time to expand. We’re looking forward to the next 120 years in our new location in the growing Truman Road Corridor. Even though it’s just three miles east of where we are now, it’s exciting to become part of a new neighborhood.”
Kenton Brothers’ new location includes a security visioning center. Customers will be able to see security systems in action, including access control systems, a video surveillance wall, metal detectors and architectural door hardware. The showroom allows clients, architects and engineers to specify security hardware, having seen the products in action and touched the finishes.
The commercial counter, which sells commercial locksets and locking hardware of all kinds, is three times larger to serve locksmith customers more efficiently. With Kenton Brothers’ full inventory now in one location versus stored in leased storage facilities, locksmiths will not have to wait for the retail security products they buy to be delivered.

Kenton Brothers is opening a locksmith lounge, similar to waiting areas at car dealerships. While waiting for keys to be cut or repair service, locksmiths can head to the lounge and watch sports, play a video game and enjoy complimentary refreshments.
The new facility also includes a state-of-the-art training center that seats 40 people. Both customers and employees will use the center as a place to stay on top of the latest security technology. Training sessions and meetings will be enhanced through the center’s multimedia and Wi-Fi capabilities.
David Strickland, vice president of Kenton Brothers, said, “It was only a matter of time before expansion was necessary to accommodate our growing team and customers. We needed more room to bring our team, inventory and goods under one roof. Our new location gives us the opportunity to add new features and amenities, which are going to make a huge difference for our staff and our customers.”
Even with the additional amenities and growing team, Kenton Brothers will have a surplus of 25,000 square feet and will seek a tenant to fill it.