The MobilisID solution brings ease and simplicity to physical access and management without compromising security. Using the latest in Bluetooth and capacitive technologies, MobilisID allows users the freedom to access a controlled environment without the need to present a credential. The solution combines security, simplicity and convenience into an easy-to-install, cloud-managed physical access control system. By harnessing users’ current smartphones and tablets to transition from conventional physical cards to secure mobile credentials using multi-tech Bluetooth MobilisID readers, the smart mobile solution creates a secure, effortless way to approach physical access. The portal works on any web browser and gives administrators and operators the ability to issue, update and remove user credentials on-the-fly, making the process of creating physical credentials simple, quick, and efficient. Managing users and credentials with MobilisID manager is also cost-effective by cutting out the hardware necessary to produce cards and eliminating costs to deploy, ship, and track physical cards.

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