When it comes to building security solutions for your customers, there are two paths you can take: best-of-breed or end-to-end from a single source. With best-of-breed, it is up to you to mix and match the hardware and software from multiple sources and integrate them into one solution. Best-of-breed solutions offer many benefits including giving you the most advanced functionality for very large and complex end-user requirements.

An end-to-end solution from the right supplier, on the other hand, can provide you with all the components your customers need—from video cameras and video management software to speakers, analytics, access control, and more—even as their security requirements change and grow. And because all of the components are designed to work together seamlessly, your customers will never have to settle for less than full functionality from their security solutions.

While some manufacturers excel at camera technology and others shine in video management software or access control technology, few can offer as broad a portfolio of outstanding security devices and as deep a bench of security expertise as Axis Communications. When compared to other end-to-end solution providers, Axis offers eight benefits that set them apart from the competition. Let us look at each.


# 1 Industry leading products and innovation

Axis invests in the success of its integrators by putting product quality and cybersecurity at the forefront of everything we make. With an Axis end-to-end security solution, you will not find yourself constantly swapping out defective products or apologizing to your customers that the system you installed is vulnerable to a cyberattack. Axis is known for high-quality, dependable solutions that will always stand you in good stead with your customers.

As your customers’ needs change going forward, you can count on Axis’ innovative product development team to introduce new technologies to meet their future security goals.

“Axis is known for the quality of our cameras and our emphasis on cybersecurity down to the chipset level,” says Mitch Mershon, Medium Business Program Manager, Axis Communications, Inc. “We do extensive quality assurance testing on every component. We also validate that our cameras, video management system, and network recorders work seamlessly right out of the box. But we don’t stop there. We continue to push forward with new technology and new features that drive the surveillance industry forward.”


#2 Top notch support

Axis has earned its trusted partner reputation by backing its industry-leading products with an award-winning team of pre- and post-sales support specialists. You can rely on the in-depth knowledge and experience of their sales and support teams to help you quickly address issues from initial design to installation and ongoing maintenance of every component in the system. Whether it is a quick call to their sales team to help pick the right camera or taking advantage of a classroom course with Axis Academy, or even working with technical support to design advanced configurations with Axis Device Manager and AXIS Camera Station, Axis has you covered.

“We’re constantly training our sales teams on the latest additions to our expanding Axis portfolio so they can advise you on the best products to meet your customers’ needs,” says Mershon. “But we don’t stop there. If you’ve ever called into our award-winning technical support, you know they make the Axis difference. Their knowledge is second to none and they’ll be with you every step of the way.”


#3 Extensive integrator toolset

Going with an end-to-end solution from Axis doesn’t mean your customers have to settle for basic or cookie cutter solutions.  Axis offers a free, robust suite of integrator tools to help you customize the design, deployment, and maintenance of a solution throughout its lifetime. For instance:

  • AXIS Site Designer easily guides you through selecting cameras and matching them with mounts and accessories, choosing the recording and storage solutions and configuring the solution with camera names, resolutions, and retention times. This information can then be automatically imported into AXIS Camera Station, their video management software, and used to seamlessly configure all the cameras, recorders, and other devices in the solution. This saves an enormous amount of set-up time and minimizes the chance of costly mistakes.
  • You can use AXIS Installation Verifier to stress-test the solution and confirm that it is working properly before handing it over to your customer. The program even generates verification documentation that gives both you and your customer the peace of mind that the solution you quoted is exactly what is being delivered.
  • With AXIS System Health Monitoring you can check on the operational status of individual cameras and servers remotely and receive notification when they go down or need service.

AXIS Integrator Suite makes it easy for you to strike the right balance between ease of use, customization, and maintainability. This ensures you can quickly create a solution that is straightforward to operate and meets all your customers’ security goals.

“Integrator Suite provides you an unprecedented set of tools to guide you through the design, purchasing, installation, testing, and maintenance of the solution,” explains Mershon. “The tools help increase your team’s efficiency while simultaneously minimizing the risk of mistakes throughout the entire project lifecycle.”


#4 Out-of-the-box simplicity

Because Axis devices are designed to work together right out of the box, installation is fast and easy. For instance, the video management software can automatically detect all the Axis cameras on the network and activate them with the click of a button. Plus, the solution’s intuitive user interface means you will find yourself receiving fewer calls from your customers asking for help with simple tasks like adding a user or exporting video.

“AXIS Camera Station includes intuitive interfaces like simple drop-and-drag and point-and-click actions so it’s easy to help your customers add hot keys and preset controls, designate action rules and triggers, establish recording thresholds and more,” states Mershon. “We even include an Interactive Maps feature with our solution that your customers can populate with thumbnail camera views and other security devices like lights, audio messaging systems, alarm panels, and door locks. This makes it possible for them to see their entire security set up at a glance.”


#5 Scalability

We recognize that customer needs often change over time. With our extensive portfolio of products, the roadmap for expanding your customer’s initial investment is nearly limitless. You can easily install more cameras, servers, and other Axis security devices—everything from door stations and key card readers to radar, speakers with programmable audio systems, and analytics—to enhance their safety and security position.

“No customer wants to invest in a system they’ll quickly outgrow,” says Mershon. “An Axis end-to-end solution allows them to keep extending the value of their original investment with new devices and features.”


#6 Integration with existing infrastructure

With an Axis end-to-end solution, your customer does not need to rip and replace their legacy technology. All devices are built on open standards which allows them to integrate with other manufacturers’ technology. This means you can offer your customers an affordable way to migrate to new Axis technology while continuing to leverage their existing cameras until they reach their end of useful life.

“Giving your customers options allows them to grow their surveillance projects within the ability of their budgets,” notes Mershon. “An Axis solution lets them easily swap out components or add newer, more advance technology whenever funds become available.”


#7 No hidden fees

“When it comes to planning their security budgets, customers hate surprises, explains Mershon. “With an Axis end-to-end solution your customers will always know all of the upfront and recurring costs associated with their solution before they sign on the dotted line.”

Unlike most manufacturers, Axis charges a one-time licensing fee—good for the life of the solution—rather than an annual renewal fee. There are no additional fees to receive updates, support, and services.

When you deploy an Axis end-to-end solution your customers are given access to all software features. They never have to pay an extra fee to unlock certain functions or when they reach a certain number of cameras or users.


#8 Profit protection

As an integrator it is important that the solution you deploy does not eat up your profits with unexpected service calls. With Axis products, you benefit from some of the industry’s lowest out-of-the-box failure rates and longest mean times between failures. Those statistics translate into more profit for you. Not only will you be able to get your customers’ solutions up and running quickly so you can move on to the next project, but you will also be called less often to replace failing devices. As a testament to product reliability and longevity, some Axis cameras are still in the field after a decade or more.

In addition to dependable products, Axis offers outstanding warranty protection that includes benefits like 30-day replacement parts and repairs at no cost to the customer and helpdesk support even after the product is discontinued.


Everything you need to build a security solution -- all from a single source

If you are considering an end-to-end security solution for your customers, Axis has you covered. With robust integrator tools, award-winning support and an extensive portfolio of surveillance and security devices, they can help you build everything from simple video camera systems to advanced solutions that incorporate sophisticated deterrent technologies and analytics.

For more information, see end-to-end solutions from Axis.