As we slowly get back to the office, reducing employee’s risk of exposure remains a top priority to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Your company may have already implemented a COVID-19 Task Force or infectious disease prevention protocols. Regardless, physical security now plays an integral role in the multi-layer process of keeping your employees safe.

As the EEOC continues to update their guidelines on employee testing, it is likely that personnel testing and/or self-attestation statements will be a part of everyone’s new normal when entering your facility. With a cloud security platform, you can securely and quickly collect this information via a mobile self-screening tool and restrict access to those who may pose a threat before they even walk through your company doors.


Stop Signs Aren’t Enough

We agree that the vast majority have the best of intentions when it comes to reducing the spread of COVID-19, but how do you leverage your security platform in a way that provides credentialed users with the appropriate access based on their mobile screening responses? Sure, in a perfect world, staff would adhere to a ‘stop before you enter’ sign, but by no means is this efficient or foolproof– stop signs are not enough.

Brivo Personnel Control is yet another new feature of Brivo Onair that immediately suspends user access automatically until he/she goes through a screening checkpoint. 

For example, per your company’s updated security policies, each employee is required to answer whether they have been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days. One of your employees answers ‘yes’, and without thinking swipes their badge to gain access to your building. With Brivo Personnel Control, that access is immediately restricted, reducing possible exposure to the rest of your colleagues. The security administrator is then notified, and you can then take the next steps within your company’s security practice process.


Security Controls That Adapt As Scenarios Change

The aforementioned scenario is just one of many however. What happens when this same employee has been cleared to return to the office after 14 days? With Personnel Control, your colleague is automatically granted access once they indicate their current status falls within your company’s health and safety guidelines. Check out the video showcasing the Brivo Personnel Control feature and see how it works.

Given the sensitivity of this information, not only is it stored securely, but also stays compliant with ADA standards and EEOC guidelines. While this does not eliminate all possibility of exposure, Personnel Control certainly greatly minimizes the potential.

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