Businesses have an opportunity to evaluate their existing security systems, procedures, and the ability to monitor either locally or remotely is paramount for today’s business environment. As a result, with such a wide range of products and technologies available for improving security, integrating devices is more important than ever. For this reason, the best way to ensure seamless integration without sacrificing functionality is to deploy complete, customizable end-to-end solutions from a single manufacturer.


Single-Source Solutions Strengthen Security

Axis provides you with an overall solution that you can customize to your specific needs through an end-to-end approach. This approach along with using video, access control, audio, analytics and other devices and systems will help you better address your challenges. At the heart of an end-to end video surveillance solution is the video management system (VMS). This brings together all the devices and systems listed above into a single, centralized location for control and management.

The most effective VMS allows businesses to be monitored locally or remotely with customizable options for quick and simple configuration, providing reliable solutions for all kinds of business specifications. Built with cybersecurity in mind, the software delivers secure remote access to video, along with a mobile app for freedom of use anywhere and at any time. With either PC systems or a mobile app, customers can receive notifications and add action keys to operate the system and take necessary actions to deliver effortless control from anywhere.


Automatic Alerts with Analytics

A key component of securing premises is video analytics, which can instantly alert staff about an incident. The more information you have to proactively assess a situation in real time, the better chance personnel have to respond quickly, deter an intruder, and increase overall security.

AXIS Perimeter Defender is a video analytics application that can be embedded in Axis cameras or encoders to automatically detect and send an alert when someone attempts to breach a facility’s perimeter. For example, no one should be in a retail store after hours. If someone were to approach a store’s door, the camera will detect that individual and alert a staff member. From there, the staff member can remotely access the camera and assess the situation. Using integrated audio, an automated message could then be delivered to the facility. Additionally, a staff member could speak directly to the individual to let them know the store is closed and they are being monitored by video surveillance.

AXIS Perimeter Defender also learns about the environment. In just a few days, it can understand the difference between day and night. The application then uses this information to polish its performance, allowing it to perform optimally no matter the illumination. Furthermore, the application minimizes false alarms by disregarding other objects such as animals or moving vegetation.


No light, no problem

Video analytics are only as reliable as the quality of the video they can analyze. One of the main challenges with remotely monitoring a location is dealing with situations that occur after dark because many IP cameras require a lot of lighting to deliver high-quality images necessary for securing a premise. Often the solution is to leave the lights on, as some municipalities have suggested. However, there are other, better, and more economically sound options.

Axis Lightfinder technology can help solve this problem by providing high-resolution images in extremely low light. The solution’s robust noise reduction capability delivers sharp, clear, color images in as little as 0.18 lux (and sometimes even less). In environments with the most challenging light conditions, businesses can turn to IP cameras with Axis OptimizedIR technology. This technology provides clear images in near complete darkness without additional light sources, which would reveal the camera’s field of view to potential intruders and require additional electricity.


Cyber Security through Lifecycle Management

In addition to physical security threats, organizations today also face greater threats of cybercrime. Any networked device could potentially provide hackers with a means to access the overall network and steal valuable information stored there. Proactive maintenance is the best way to ensure a more stable and secure system in today’s ecosystem of interconnected and interdependent devices and solutions. The VMS, which controls the overall system, must also be regularly updated, and patched, along with the operating system it runs on. Axis know this and regularly releases software updates and security patches that consistently address vulnerabilities, while also fixing any bugs or issues that may affect a device or solution’s performance over time.

From a cyber security perspective, older technologies represent the greatest risk to an organization. Although updates and patches are the best way to improve cyber security, many older technologies have little to no update capability. Moreover, they may no longer be supported by the manufacturer. Unpatched technology leaves networks vulnerable to cyberattack. But following lifecycle management best practices—such as knowing where risk areas lie and keeping current on those risks—allows businesses to keep their premise more secure

A lifecycle management program allows you to keep on top of what is critical in your environment and helps avoid the negative costs associated with cyberbreaches. Lifecycle management also allows an organization to keep pace with the constantly evolving threat landscape while ensuring they are using the appropriate and most advanced technologies to minimize security threats and vulnerabilities.

This type of program allows organizations to identify devices that are nearing end of life, as they are more susceptible to risk with little to no firmware updates. Additionally, some of these technologies may be running on outdated operating systems that are incapable of being updated or secured. In either case, these devices must be replaced with new network solutions the manufacturer supports.


Today’s security measures will pay off tomorrow

As society starts to restore to a new normal, the need for security remains the same. Criminals will continue to exploit security vulnerabilities for their own gain and there continues to be a critical need for business owners to protect premises with physical and cyber security. Deploying Axis solutions that combine the best of a variety of technologies and systems, and augmenting these solutions with lifecycle management best practices, is the best path toward protecting your premises, regardless of what is happening in the world at large.