Smarter Security Systems’ Outdoor Division is showing unique tech demos.

From Notes After ASIS Booth Visits

Mall of America Gets Server Upgrade


Mall of America in Minneapolis has deployed the Pivot3 Serverless Computing array as part of a major upgrade. The Mall of America, one of the largest malls in the world, has more than four miles of storefronts, 13,000 employees, and hosts nearly 40 million visitors each year. The Pivot3 Serverless Computing Array running Genetec Omnicast video management system software was selected to improve the quality, speed, and reliability of the video surveillance system, which covers 4.2 million square feet of enclosed space, including a seven-acre indoor amusement park and a 1.2 million gallon aquarium.

"We have been working on a plan to double the size of this mall, and the Pivot3 combined storage and server solution provides us with the flexibility and the scalability needed to expand much more efficiently than anything else we have evaluated," said Chris Lake-Smith, director of IT at Mall of America.

"The security of the employees and visitors is vital, but large retail environments such as the Mall of America are also dealing with significant insurance or liability risks, which can be controlled through video surveillance," said Lee Caswell, founder and chief marketing officer of Pivot3. "At the same time though, they add enormous amounts of data, and a highly scalable, integrated server and storage solution gives the IT department peace of mind that its mission-critical data is safe at all times and available when needed."


It’s Genuine from HID


Genuine HID encompasses the comprehensive set of unique customer benefits associated with Genuine HID products, the introduction of a new Genuine HID Technology trademark to identify third party products deploying HID technology, and the launch of the Advantage HID Channel Partner program.

Now more than ever, organizations are challenged with sourcing cost-effective physical access control solutions that are easy to integrate and offer the scalability needed to meet future expansion and technology migration plans. With Genuine HID, customers benefit from the broadest product line of trusted, interoperable security solutions in the market, the industry's first lifetime warranty and the strongest delivery and response platform available, ensuring the customers' choice in Genuine HID solutions will optimize their security investment for years to come.

"HID Global is committed to enhancing customer value by serving up the most trusted, advanced and dependable secure identity solutions in the market," said Anthony Ball, senior vice president, Identity and Access Management (IAM), for HID Global. "HID customers are our most critical stakeholders, and Genuine HID's unique set of value-added advantages is a natural extension of our mission to reaffirm that when customers purchase Genuine HID products, they are purchasing absolute confidence in performance, value and service."

ioimage Camera With Built-In Self-Sustained Video Analytics Booth 1263


The newest addition to ioimage's series of ioicam intelligent video cameras, the sc1dn, will be available for shipping as of February 2010 and will retail in the U.S. for $990.

The ioicam sc1dn's affordable price and ease of use make it particularly practical for mid-sized entities such as remote monitoring, educational and logistics centers, and other commercial sites, according to the company. Embedded with ioimage video analytics, which is time-tested and utilized by government and commercial organizations under harsh environmental conditions, the ioicam sc1dn also provides a suitable solution for high-end installations such as government institutions and homeland security.

Easily set up and operated via a standard Web browser, the ioicam sc1dn can be configured and managed using ioimage command center software and also seamlessly integrates with leading NVR and management platforms.

Exceptionally low noise levels and low light performance optimize the captured video signal and achieve maximum detection capabilities while maintaining an extremely low false alarm rate. Applications built in to the ioicam sc1dn include intrusion detection, tripwire, fence trespassing and camera tampering. The unit can also be easily configured to detect unattended baggage, object removal, loitering and stopped vehicles.

"Intelligent video appliances equipped with ioimage's time tested video analytics offer high performance, cost effective security solutions to mid-range and high-end installations of all kinds," said Zeev Farkash, ioimage CEO. "Our latest camera, the ioicam sc1dn, exemplifies our commitment to broadening the reach of video analytics."

ioimage at Booth 1263


Six New Video Solutions on Intransa Videoappliance Booth 781


Intransa at ASIS International 2009 announced that ten video management software solutions are now available on Intransa’s video appliance systems. Intransa VideoAppliance eliminates the complexity and cost of integrating commodity servers, storage and other hardware, delivering an installer-ready, video optimized IP surveillance solution for simplicity, improved reliability and energy savings. Certifying and then preloading video management solution (VMS) applications on Intransa’s VideoAppliance eliminates the installation and support challenges for security departments, while eliminating costly, complex commodity servers and storage.

March Networks VideoSphere, Axis Communications’ Axis Camera Station, Salient Systems CompleteView, TimeSight Systems Video Lifecycle Management, videoNEXT SKM and VideoProtein 3.0 are the six newest applications certified for use with the Intransa VideoAppliance family. They join Exacq Technologies exacqVision, Genetec Omnicast, JDS Digital Security Systems Softsite32, Milestone Systems XProtect, and On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI) NetDVMS which have been available since June.

Intransa in Booth 781


Aware Mobile Network and Integrated Video Environment Booth 4369


SRI International's Direct Technology group is showing both the Aware Mobile Network and Integrated Video Environment (IVE) products. SRI will be joined in its booth by technology partner Steelbox, which develops IP media appliances that deliver comprehensive switching, distribution and recording of video and audio for unprecedented scalability and flexibility. SRI's IVE product solves the problem of managing large-scale video surveillance systems and uses Steelbox's media appliances to organize hundreds of video sources within a single, intuitive interface.

Aware is an intuitive, standards-based command and control software application designed specifically for public safety needs. It can create its own network or be used with an existing network infrastructure. Designed to maximize the usage of legacy investments, Aware communicates directly with existing security camera and management infrastructures, and is the only solution that leverages these systems to existing equipment used by law enforcement.

The Web 2.0 interface includes several powerful features that enable public safety officials to view real time multi-cast video, visualize information using interactive street map views with GPS, gain one-click access to web-based applications, and collaborate via instant messaging and benefit from whiteboard-style data sharing. Police departments in Lakewood, New Jersey and Atherton, California are actively using the technology. In addition, several other police departments are currently conducting trial deployments.

SRI International in Booth 4369

Walking the Booth Aisles Before Second ASIS Day

HID Global Software for Next Gen Access Platform in Booth 2919

The EdgeDeveloper Kit, a key tool for development to Edge Evo, is the next generation of HID’s access control platform. To streamline development, EdgeDeveloper is an all-encompassing developer kit that includes plug-andplay hardware, enhanced API and critical documentation. By providing these tools, developers can test a wide spectrum of actual use case scenarios to create visionary applications on HID’s Edge platform.

Developers using the EdgeDeveloper Kit are able to take advantage of enhanced security and versatility supported by the new Edge Evo platform. These include:

• Broad support of locking hardware through 12/24V selectable outputs

• Enhanced flexibility through input/output add-on modules

• Increased security with 2-reader application support

• Robust system performance through expanded transaction storage

• Plug-n-play installation and high security communication with Hi-O-connected devices

• Thin form factor for cost-effective installation in almost any environment

HID Global in Booth 2919


Emergency Planning and Preparedness in SimplexGrinnell Booth 3709

Attendees can get an inside look at the layered, multi-technology solutions the company provides for critical locations such as universities, elementary schools and corporate campuses. The integrated solutions that SimplexGrinnell provides can include:

Interior voice systems driven by the advanced Simplex 4100U fire alarm platform.

Exterior voice, visual notification and personal notification. The SimplexGrinnell solutions portfolio includes Simplex TrueAlert® Emergency Visual Messaging Display Units; Cooper Notification’s WAVES (Wireless Audio Visual Emergency System) and RSAN (Roam Secure Alert Network), a high-speed text and voice alerting system; and American Signal Corporation exterior voice systems.

Fully integrated incident management platform that includes fire alarm, voice, access control, video and other critical life-safety applications.

SimplexGrinnell in Booth 3709


180 degree Camera Design in Scallop Imaging Booth 3935

The Digital Window D7-180 security camera streams and records in seven megapixel high resolution throughout its 180 degree field of view, without fisheye distortion. Digital Window distributes this imaging task across five powerful microsensors, providing an extraordinary increase in capability, at lower cost, and lower bandwidth requirements than traditional IP video cameras, according to the company.

The camera’s embedded CPUs process over 100 megapixels per second, synthesizing image data into a seamless, 180 degree field of view. Through its embedded web server, it services connection requests and provides three simultaneous video streams:

      A constant 180 degree view, without any fisheye distortion, at 15 fps;

      A high resolution, 15 fps detail window that is instantly repositionable; and

      A full seven megapixel, 180 degree video stream at one fps for storage and later review.

Scallop Imaging at Booth 3935


Check Out Enhanced Video in March Networks Booth 2865

Its VideoSphere Intelligent Video Management uses Shadow Archiving feature which allows users to remotely access video recorded on MegaPX IP cameras with SiteManager desktop application software. This not only simplifies access to video stored at the network edge, but also enhances system redundancy by protecting against periodic network loss. In the case of a network outage, for example, video recorded on the integrated SD cards is automatically identified by the VMS for convenient downloading. Shadow Archiving eliminates the need to extract video from the cameras manually or to switch to a different software application to retrieve the data.

March Networks in Booth 2865


HDTV Quality and 18x Zoom Network Camera from Axis Booth 1839 

The AXIS P5534 PTZ Dome Network Camera, its highest video quality pan/tilt/zoom camera with HDTV performance and 18x zoom for indoor surveillance applications, together with an IP51-rated protection against dust and dripping water, is ideal for use at airports, train stations, warehouses, shops and schools. The AXIS P5534 Network Camera offers HDTV 720p in compliance with the SMPTE 296M standard of 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, full frame rate, high color fidelity and a 16:9 format. The network camera can deliver multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously.

Axis Communications at Booth 1839


GVI Security Solutions Cameras in Booth 1509

The display features the complete Samsung Electronics line of products including AutoIP Video Management Systems (VMS) software and the 43X zoom A1 Chip color cameras. With fully automatic configuration and setup, AutoIP automatically detects, configures and records installed network cameras and makes installation simple across a broad range of applications including schools, financial institutions and retail chains.

GVI Security Solutions in Booth 1509


In Lenel Booth 2249, GuardallVision Standalone Digital Video Recorder

Lenel Systems International has announced the launch of GuardallVision, a price competitive line of standalone digital video recorders (DVR) that delivers advanced video functionality in a fully customizable, simple-to-use and scalable package. Developed for security installations of any size, GuardallVision combines the benefits of high-quality video with the power and convenience of embedded real time analytics. Analytics include object detection, loitering, object left behind, object crosses a region, smart motion detection and invalid camera. With capacity for up to 16 video channels, live recording at up to 30 frames per second, and as much as four terabytes of redundant onboard video storage, GuardallVision supports effortless monitoring and maintenance of multiple DVRs. A number of recording modes, such as continuous, event-driven, motion-detected, and scheduled, are fully supported and come standard in the DVR. To support video archival, GuardallVision can export the data to a variety of external storage devices, including USB-enabled and eSATA drives, and high-capacity DVD writers.

Lenel in Booth 2249


Behavioral-based Video Surveillance in BRS Labs Booth 601

It leverages cognitive reasoning, and processes visual data on a level similar to the human brain. BRS Labs has created a paradigm-shifting technology it calls Behavioral Analytics, according to the company. It uses cognitive reasoning, much like the human brain, to process visual data and to identify criminal and terroristic activities. Built on a multi-patented framework of cognitive learning engines and computer vision, BRS' AISight, provides the world's first fully automated, easily scalable surveillance solution that analyzes behavioral patterns, activities and scene content without the need for human training, setup, or programming. 

BRS Labs at Booth 601

Outdoor Protection Demos at Smarter Security Systems Booth 915
Smarter Outdoor solution demonstrations will include:


The new SmarterSentry GTX mobile surveillance unit allows instant surveillance in nearly any locale on earth. Powered by a unique propane-to-electric generator delivering up to 30 days of runtime, it is extremely reliable, durable, and quiet.

SmarterDVR 150

SmarterDVR 150 secures outdoor assets by capturing still images and video when motion is detected. It has invisible IR to make it more covert at night and sends email or text message alerts upon alarm. With its rechargeable battery, SmarterDVR 150 is simple to use and ready to go.

Smarter Security Systems in Booth 915

First Exhibit Day: Walk-thru Booth Picks

Enterprise Access Runs on Any OS – Quintron Booth 4422


Quintron Systems boasts an open enterprise-class integrated access control solution that runs on any OS, uses any SQL database, and supports multiple control systems simultaneously. In use at Apple worldwide running on Mac OSX servers and workstations, or Linux, or Unix, or Solaris, and Windows, Quintron's AccessNsite system is built on the open source java language that allows it to run on all commercially viable operating systems. With simultaneous support for Mercury Security, HID Edge and Vertx and DMP alarm and access panels, this solution represents the wave of the future trend for IT driven systems that comply with an enterprises' operating environments and skill sets of choice.

Quintron Systems at Booth 4422


Plenty of New Products from Pelco Booth 1901


Pelco will have a busy booth. Among the new products:

High Definition Dome Cameras

Sarix ID Series Mega-Performance cameras feature SD to HD resolutions, exceptional lowlight performance, Auto Back Focus, accurate color, H.264 compression, and analytics.

Sarix IM Series Mini Indoor Fixed Network Dome includes the most popular features and functionality of Sarix technology. These 1.3 megapixel or standard-definition cameras deliver best-in-class low light performance, H.264 compression, consistent color science and more.

A new firmware update for the Sarix IX megapixel camera series will also be on display at the show. The new update offers increased camera performance on extended platform models to 1080p 30 images a second with H.264 compression.

Full HD Displays

Pelco Full HD LCD Displays help customers make the most of their megapixel investment, delivering optimal monitor performance, improved response time, and higher resolution, with sharper, brighter images, according to Pelco.

Enhanced Video Control and Management through Endura 2.1

With the addition of the HD Video Console Display and HD Video Decoder, Endura 2.1 brings improved ease of use and efficiency to your video surveillance solution. These new components and the inherent scalability built into the Endura architecture, the surveillance room can be as simple or as complicated as need be to fulfill a customer’s requirements. 

There’s more at Pelco Booth 1901


Panasonic Displays IP and Analog Video – Booth 2018


With a focus on integrated solutions, Panasonic is demonstrating an array of new technologies and systems products at ASIS 2009. In addition to enhancing its i-Pro Series Network Solutions, Panasonic continues to introduce select analog products incorporating the latest technologies in support of legacy system users. Panasonic is also showcasing its innovative retail management solution that provides seamless integration of the company’s world-renowned Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and video surveillance devices on a unified platform.

For example, Panasonic’s i-Pro WV-NW502S Vandal-Resistant Fixed Dome and

WV-NP502 Box Megapixel Cameras incorporate the company’s exclusive MEGA Super Dynamic (MEGA SD) camera technology with 128x dynamic range, Adaptive Black Stretch technology to make dark areas more visible, and face detection technology to better identify subjects. The units also provide streaming of H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG compression formats.

Virtual Site Manager (VSM) integrated software platform combines Panasonic's Stingray POS workstations with the company’s video surveillance cameras and recorders.

Panasonic in Booth 2018

Visitors to DMP’s ASIS Booth 831 have a chance to win a Designer Series Keypad Cover as well as see new products and their ability to increase recurring revenue.

‘In Touch’ Keypad Features + More Revenue -- at DMP Booth 831

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) is showing products, of course, but also security innovations and new opportunities for recurring revenue at its booth. Visitors experience the In Touch features that let users remotely interact with their panels as well as discover the intuitive operation of Entré Access & Security
Management System and browse nearly 30 styles of the new Designer Series Keypad Covers.

Says Mark NeSmith, vice president of sales, “Our burglary panels now offer new features that add user convenience while creating opportunities for recurring dealer revenue.” New Entré software enables ease of control for security systems of all sizes. And there are new keypad accessories that let security system owners have some fun by customizing their keypads. At the booth, Designer Series Keypad Covers are being given away to a lucky winner every hour.

|In Touch Messaging Features
The DMP In Touch messaging features make it possible for users to control their alarm systems via SMS text commands from their cell phone.

Entré software, used with DMP XR100/XR500 panels, gives users fast, simple, point-and-click control over every aspect of their access control or security system.

Designer Series Keypad Covers
Thinline and Aqualite keypad owners can give their keypad a design makeover with the new Designer Series Keypad Cover.

See Things Clearly at Pixim Booth 3275

There’s a lot of action at the Pixim booth within the ASIS International exhibits.

Of course, attendees can watch live video from cameras featuring Pixim's Digital Pixel System, with image clarity in all lighting conditions:

The firm will be giving away a Pixim-powered camera every 30 minutes from one of these leading camera companies: GE Security, Aigis Technologies, OpenEye, Rainbow, DG * Digital Watchdog, S|C BLACK, Clinton Electronics and ioi ioimage. Then there is a grand prize of an Apple entertainment system, sponsored by deView.

Pixim's chipsets are at the heart of hundreds of thousands of security cameras worldwide, capturing and delivering clear, accurate images in all lighting conditions.

Pixim's Digital Pixel System technology has impacted the way video cameras capture and process images. Unlike traditional cameras, where each pixel cannot adjust to highlights and lowlights in the same scene, Pixim's technology empowers hundreds of thousands of pixels to act like individual cameras constantly self-adjusting.

More Money! SentryNet’s Bottom Line in Booth 4423

SentryNet plans to focus on providing new recurring revenue streams for SentryNet dealers with technology and service offerings.

Kurt Erdman, sales manager for SentryNet, commented that “the ability to walk a SentryNet dealer over to any of our manufacturing partner’s booths for a real time demonstration of services offered by SentryNet was a real bonus to the sales process.” “Our dealers are thrilled to find such excellent support just a few aisles over. It helps us show the high quality technology and service that our partners provide.”

Added David Avritt, president, “Our goal at ASIS is to provide a variety of ways to our dealers for generating RMR by offering new and enhanced services to existing customers. These new offerings will help many dealers diversify in this tough economy and take advantage of all our industry has to offer.”

A Physical Security Infrastructure Thing for Quantum Secure at Booth 4029

Quantum Secure, at the forefront of the converging worlds of physical and logical security, helps enable clients to leverage existing physical security infrastructure to dramatically reduce costs and risk.
Companies around the world -- Adobe, Juniper Networks, Toronto and San Francisco airports, Baxter Pharmaceuticals and more -- are all taking advantage of this new technology to integrate disparate PACS, automate key security processes and ensure compliance. At the booth, attendees can meet with key members of its executive team, chat with product experts and experience a full product demo to understand exactly how Quantum Secure is streamlining security identities, compliance and events across disparate physical security systems. 

The Omnipresence system employs 3D tech to allow an operator to understand content gathered by many cameras while iGuard brings images to an iPod Touch or iPhone.

Feel the Tech at Feeling Software Booth 4231

The company is showing technology that was just introduced earlier this summer: iGuard and Omnipresence.

iGuard is mobile video surveillance on the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone.  Compatible with Genetec Omnicast video management system, iGuard gives security officers access to video feeds, archived video, and control of PTZ cameras while patrolling.

The Omnipresence 3D Surveillance System, aimed at large scale surveillance systems in airports, train stations, and city-wide installations, enables a security professional to understand a situation, seen through hundreds of cameras, at one glance.

Integration Master Plan from TAC – Schneider Electric in Both 3183

Five best-of-class security technologies that integrate with the Andover Continuum system are being demonstrated. The integration includes:  

  •  Digital video recording (Integration with Pelco by Schneider Electric)
  • Ethernet-based fingerprint biometrics
  • Access Control
  • IP-based intercom
  • Web-based visitor management

Other features include adjustment of access criteria based on the threat level; after-hours control of HVAC and lighting via BACnet as well as power monitoring. In addition, TAC has updated the Andover Continuum integrated card access/security and energy management solution with a new user interface that simplifies the command flow and provides users with a streamlined, modern experience.

In order to be competitive, premium Class A buildings must provide security for their tenants, and Fastlane GlassGate is a solid blend of security and style for such a property.

Lobby Security? Smarter Security Systems Has Answers in Booth 906

Its Fastlane GlassGate 200 optical turnstile was chosen to protect the lobby of a prominent class A building in Los Angeles and, in addition to security, the installation enabled building management to save operational expenses by reducing its security officer headcount.

Four lanes of GlassGate 200 with four-foot high glass were installed in pairs to secure access to two elevator bays in the lobby of the building. After installing the turnstiles, the management company eliminated two security officer positions which saved 160 man hours a week.

The multi-viewer supports mixed input of HD-SDI, SD-SDI and analog composite signals. Digital or analog RGB computer inputs are also available with a DVI connector.

From Broadcast to Security: FOR-A in Booth 2785

A manufacturer of video and audio systems, the firm will present five products specifically aimed for more effective security and video surveillance during ASIS. On display: the MV-1610HS Multi Viewer; the FA-91ALC Automatic Video Level Controller; the IVS-700HS HD/SD Video Stabilizer; the IVS-100 Video Stabilizer; and the HTG-35A High Performance Character Generator.

For example, recently shown at NAB, the MV-1610HS Multi Viewer is prominent in a series of multi-viewers that offer a very affordable monitoring solution. Clients can choose almost any format or mixture of formats from four to 16 inputs. The MV-1610HS supports mixed input of HD-SDI, SD-SDI and analog composite signals. Digital or analog RGB computer inputs are also available with a DVI connector. Mixing formats with different frame rates in HD or even PAL and NTSC is possible as well. This unit offers high-resolution video output using DVI with resolutions up to 1920 by 1080.

Solutions is the Theme at CSC Booth 1077

Communications Supply Corporation CSC plans a firm focus on the security challenges facing attendee organizations. The booth is an all-in-one destination for the innovations, information, and connections needed. The focus is on:

  • Next-generation security technologies and services, and talk directly to the experts.
  • New insights and hone your skills through the comprehensive, industry-leading education program.
  • Connect with colleagues from around the globe, share new ideas, and build your professional network.

Perimeter Security Solutions from Universal Safety Response in Booth 4162

USR, a Smith & Wesson Company, is showing active vehicle barriers including the GRAB. It’s the only U.S. Department of State, K12 certified, Energy Absorbing Security Barrier. GRAB brings vehicles to a complete stop with minimal damage making it a reduced risk barrier system. Post-impact, the GRAB can be reset in 30 minutes and requires only a small replacement part. Xtreme Mobile Barrier is a completely portable barricade that can be installed and operational in the field in less than 5 minutes. With its small, lightweight design and ability to be used on virtually any surface, the XMB is highly efficient security barrier with numerous applications.

Cyber Meets Physical at Hirsch Electronics Booth 1201

There are live demos of PAC, NAC & LAC convergence. Hirsch says it’s the only booth at ASIS to show groundbreaking convergence. See Hirsch's Velocity physical access control (PAC) working with network access control (NAC) and logical access control (LAC). In return for meeting with Hirsch at ASIS, ask about the free SCM @MAXX USB security token while supplies last. It's a mobile smart card reader, smart credential (if you insert an encoded SIM card, not included), and flash memory drive.

LED signage makes visual and audible messaging available.

Indoor, Outdoor Mass Notification from Talk-A-Phone in Booth 1313

Check out the WEBS LED Tower, the latest addition to the array of Talk-A-Phone’s WEBS Mass Notification products, featuring highly visible LED illuminated signs that can display critical information relayed to them. Three LED displays are fitted into the WEBS tower to dispatch custom messages and to enhance the visibility of emergency towers. Emergency LED signage allows the family of WEBS-enabled devices to go a step further insuring the message delivery in emergency situations by utilizing both visual and audible sensory modalities. With addition of LED displays, augmented WEBS Mass Notification towers can deliver the “right message, right people, and real time.”

These DVRs boast powerful video processing in a smaller chassis.

DVRs Go H.264-ready – Vicon Industries Booth 2511

Vicon Industries Inc. will introduce a new generation of its popular Kollector DVRs. The two new models, named Kollector Strike and Kollector Force, offer faster and more powerful video processing in a smaller chassis than previous Kollector models, and do so at a significantly lower price. In addition, both models offer network connectivity, supporting local and remote IP and megapixel cameras as part of an open platform ViconNet video management system. They support 480 frames-per-second across 16 channels of video and are H.264-ready.

CyberLock Giveway in Booth 3838

Videx reports it is hosting a free drawing for a CyberLock Access Control System the last day of the show. CyberLock quickly brings electronic access and key control to doors and cabinets without any wiring or structural changes. Almost any type of lock can be converted to a higher-security electronic lock simply by replacing the lock’s mechanical cylinder with the CyberLock electronic cylinder. CyberLock has no keyway to vandalize and the electronic key cannot be duplicated. All CyberLocks and keys audit openings and unauthorized attempts to enter. This detailed audit reporting can be extremely valuable to any organization.

Preview Peek in Samsung Techwin Booth 408

Among the technology being displayed: SNR-6400 iPolis 64-Channel Network Video Recorder simultaneously records up to 64 video and audio streams at 1280 frames per second at full D1 resolution. Includes an extensive expandable storage capability supporting up to 20 TB of data. SVR-1680C Provides 16-Channel DVR It remotely controls and programs cameras via Up-The-Coax (UTC) signaling, eliminating the need for separate RS-485 control cables. It also provides real-time (30 fps) recording and playback capability on all 16 channels at full 4CIF resolution.

Storage Choices from DIGIOP Booth 359

With the growth of security image, there also is growth in storage and retrieval. For attendees at the ASIS Exhibit in Anaheim, the DIGIOP team will be giving an overview of its line of products including flexible hybrid DVRs, powerful NVRs, mass storage solutions and more. In addition, check out the demo of its new remote client software called Reflection, how DIGIOP can integrate with POS or other business systems, and how video analytics can provide visual verification.

Taking Tech Beyond the Fence: ICx Technologies Booth 1019

Technology can take security beyond the fence with comprehensive protection against CBRNE threats and integrated security and perimeter intrusion detection. ICx Technologies offers state-of-the-art products, seamlessly integrated solutions and world-class support for homeland security, force protection and commercial applications. Contact ICx now to set up a private meeting or demonstration.

The Business Charms of H.264: Videology in Booth 3873

It’s image focused at Videology Imaging Solutions. Standard cameras are suitable for most applications, while higher volume and OEM applications may require customized solutions. Videology’s engineers customize standard cameras, create new designs, integrate video into existing security systems, and develop software. Ask about the advantages of H.264. Photo ID badging cameras and systems, IP cameras, true day/night cameras, among other technologies.

A 360 Degree View in Sentry 360 Booth 4448

Sentry 360 Security will be exhibiting the widest range of 360-degree cameras in the industry designed for multiple applications from mobile, indoor, discreet, vandal, and exterior with multiple resolutions, 1.3MP, 3.1MP and 5.0MP. Sentry 360 Fullsight and InSight Series of cameras will also be on display in its NVR software partners' booths: JDS Digital Security Systems, Booth 427, and VideoInsight, Booth 3409.

Open Platform Video-Enabled Application Integration Demos

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software, will demonstrate a concentrated sampling of leading-edge video-enabled integrations from select solution partners in Booths 4219 and 4445. The Milestone Solutions Center at ASIS will give attendees a unique opportunity to experience multiple application integrations in one place. These integrations illustrate how an open platform can provide innovative developments for video management solutions. ASIS participants visiting the Solutions Center will be asking themselves what other exciting applications will also be possible in the future.

Milestone Systems in Booths 4219 and 4445.

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