The security landscape is shifting. Much like your Motorola Pager, lock-and-key and the jingling key rings that come along with it are relics of the past.


Mobile credentials are setting the standard, creating the demand, and becoming a critical differentiator.

Selling mobile credentials enables you to meet the technology demands of facility managers and their tenants. This creates a major opportunity for the long-term success of your business. Here are the top reasons to make sure you are offering mobile solutions:



Meet Customer Demand

Offering the newest mobile technologies means that you can secure bigger jobs or offer easy package upgrades. For your facility manager, mobile credentials provide tenants access to facilities through smartphones, which eliminates key fobs and adds extra biometric security features built into smartphones. Facility managers are also looking for ways to differentiate their properties and being able to offer mobile credentials to their tenants is a great way to do that.


Shape Customer Loyalty

Your current customers have changing needs as technology and society continue to evolve. Offer new solutions like mobile credentials that work with their current access control system to help build your relationship with them. Provide the latest technology their tenants want and that  helps make their job easier and more convenient. This is also an upsell opportunity for you. Build customer loyalty by addressing their evolving needs and create more RMR for your business through these new add-ons.


Add Convenience and Protection for Your Customers

Facility managers can administer the system from their mobile devices and don’t need to be on location. Administrators can unlock  doors to the facility and view camera footage from the facility on their mobile device. This eliminates the hassle of locked out employees, administrative costs of rekeying, and provides a greater level of data and security that can integrate with other employee management systems. Best of all, it requires very little overhead on your part.

Additionally, facility management is becoming more integrated with IT Departments. You can improve efficiency, convenience and add the security of mobile credentials as a solution for both facility management and IT Departments.


Grow Your Recurring Monthly Revenue

Selling subscription services, like cloud-based access control, means that you always have money coming in. Every month, there are subscription fees that will provide you with reliable revenue no matter what the financial climate. Adding mobile credentials to your portfolio adds more opportunities for recurring revenue.

Mobile credentials create an entirely new commercial landscape. Are you ready to take part? Selling mobile solutions can have a major impact on your ability to gain new customers, serve your customers better, create more recurring monthly revenue, and customer loyalty. Take a moment to read the 4 Reasons to Offer Mobile Solutions to Your Customers Guide for more information.