Bosch has opened a new Training and Experience Center in Bentonville, Ark., to showcase displays of the company’s latest offerings

The new Bosch Training and Experience Center is open for private sessions, and offers demonstrations of how Bosch systems for video security, access control, intrusion and fire detection and communications integrate to provide solutions that increase security and safety, facilitate more efficient monitoring and control, automate audio announcements, and provide data for business intelligence. 

“AIoT, which is the next generation Internet of Things (IoT) combined with artificial intelligence (AI), is driving innovation in security technology,” said Brian Wiser, president of Bosch Security and Safety Systems, North America. “Hands-on experience is vital to the adoption of these advanced technologies, and our new center offers customers a private setting to explore solutions that can help them respond to possible risks before situations occur and gather business data for informed decision-making that goes beyond security.” 

Visitors to the center will see how Bosch video cameras feature built-in AI to extend the devices beyond their traditional uses, including for improving health and safety in a facility. One demonstration simulates a blocked emergency exit door to show how Bosch AIoT cameras will trigger an alarm within the video management system, an event at a nearby intrusion system keypad, and a warning message to play in the area using a Bosch public address system. These actions triggered by the camera ensure the situation is resolved faster, improving safety. 

Bosch AIoT video systems installed in the center also demonstrate how customers can track the occupancy of a space for adhering to health and safety regulations, detecting crowds, or ensuring adequate staffing of a facility. Bosch Intelligent Insights software aggregates data, such as counts of people or vehicles, from multiple cameras to give users a complete view of a situation in real-time. This helps users react quickly to events that need to be addressed and make decisions based on the latest information. 

For retail stores, bank branches, and similar applications, visitors can see how pressing a cashier station panic button or pulling a bill from a bill trap sensor  connected to the intrusion system will display an alarm and video in the Bosch Video Management System as well as trigger a Telex Radio Dispatch system to issue an announcement on store or bank personnel’s two-way radios. This alerts security personnel that an issue is ongoing, so they can respond faster to help diffuse high-risk events. 

Other demonstrations include solutions for securing high risk areas, capturing data for business intelligence, monitoring critical systems, including refrigerated cases and freezers in retail stores, and more. 

The new Training and Experience Center also includes a training facility, adding a central location for customers to attend technical training through the Bosch Academy. The Bosch team of trainers will provide customers with hands-on product education to enable integrators to install and run complex projects more efficiently and profitably.

System integrators, end users, consultants, and other industry professionals interested in a private demonstration session at the new Bosch Training and Experience Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, can contact their local Bosch sales representative to schedule a visit.