Matrix Project Series bullet cameras are designed for serious indoor and outdoor deployments. The cameras are a fit for large enterprises and project sites such as manufacturing units, construction sites, and environments where sturdy cameras are required. Designed with Sony STARVIS series back-illuminated sensors, the cameras capture exceptionally clear footage even in low-light environments. Next, the True WDR technology evenly balances the lighting in video footage. As a result, users can view video footage without blurs created by different lighting conditions. Likewise, the H.265 compression technology ensures that video storage is optimized by 50 percent and users can store the video for more days. Along with storage optimization, the IP cameras offer bandwidth optimization. Smart activity-based bandwidth consumption drops the bandwidth consumption to almost half. To add to this, the IP cameras also offer a smart streaming feature that lets the user define the image quality of different regions in the video footage. Therefore, while monitoring the region with the highest importance is allocated a higher bandwidth to view the footage clearly and the less important regions are allocated bandwidth accordingly. The analytics are triggered on anomalies in the video footage — i.e., any kind of irregular motion, intrusion or tampering with the security device leads to a notification directly to the user in real-time. The cameras adhere to CE, FCC, BIS, IP66, and UL standards.

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