The Roughneck V2020 multi-sensor camera is designed to allow integrators to continue to meet growing video surveillance demands with advanced technologies even amid the continued disruptions. Featuring four 5 MP sensors each with independent motorized PTZ control, Vicon’s multi-sensor camera provides flexible, multi-directional video surveillance that replaces multiple single-sensor cameras and is ideal for monitoring large areas. The camera features presets for 180 deg., 270 deg., and 360 deg. panoramic coverage but additionally allows quick and easy manual, customized and individual configurations from your PC to help eliminate problem blind spots. No matter the time of day or challenging lighting situations such as low-light, oversaturation or glares, the V2020 provides reliably high-quality images. Using 120 dB True WDR, IR illumination of 131 ft., and Starlight color imaging, the V2020 captures critical forensic details of subjects such as clothing and hair color with ease. 

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