IP surveillance solution provider VIVOTEK has partnered with Pathr.ai, a spatial intelligence company delivering real-time insights through anonymous location data in any physical space.

“Pathr.ai is partnering with VIVOTEK to deliver spatial intelligence solutions to companies who already leverage VIVOTEK cameras inside their physical spaces,” said David Liu, president of VIVOTEK USA, Inc. “This partnership allows Pathr.ai to engage with VIVOTEK on customer cross-sell opportunities, including adding value to existing camera installations with Pathr.ai use cases and prioritizing additional VIVOTEK cameras to support Pathr.ai enabled use cases.”

Pathr.ai’s AI-powered technology integrates with existing infrastructure, such as security cameras, and deploys actionable analytics at scale to capture human behavior inside physical locations.

“Allowing companies to leverage their existing camera infrastructure while gaining actionable business insights into how people move inside their spaces enables them to drive the business results they’re after,” said George Shaw, CEO and founder of Pathr.ai. “We are thrilled to partner with VIVOTEK and add their expertise in surveillance camera solutions as we scale our spatial intelligence platform with our existing and new customer base.”

Pathr.ai is able to offload its AI capabilities to the VIVOTEK cameras that already support them. This allows Pathr.ai to scale its solution to millions of locations while maintaining compute savings.

Key Pathr.ai use cases with the ability to drive hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental profit:

    Traffic pattern insights that drive operational enhancements

    Real-time alerts that stimulate required actions without human intervention

    Loss prevention, operations, and revenue generation.

Through this technical integration, Pathr.ai is able to run its AI capabilities on VIVOTEK cameras, improving its CPU and memory usage.

“Deploying AI software at the edge requires significant compute,” said Zoë Cayetano, Head of Product at Pathr.ai. “In partnership with VIVOTEK, Pathr.ai is now able to leverage the compute already available on the VIVOTEK cameras, reducing the cost of deployment and increasing customers’ ROI. Partnerships like this are how spatial intelligence will scale to millions of locations.”

For more information, visit www.vivotek.com.