Ring has announced its rollout of a new integration for cameras that support ONVIF, an open standard that allows devices to communicate with each other, even if they are from different manufacturers. Examples of these cameras include dome cameras on commercial buildings and small businesses. 

Once available in late April, Ring customers with Ring Alarm Pro and a Ring Protect Pro plan can onboard select ONVIF cameras to the Ring app for simple control and access on one platform. In doing so, residential and business customers can add an additional layer of security to their existing ONVIF-compatible cameras, and gain access to Ring features such as live view, real-time notifications, event history and timeline, expanding Ring’s capabilities outside of just Ring-built devices.

Features will include: 

    Live view: Users can check in on camera feeds at any time from anywhere, and view real-time video and audio in the app.

    Real-time notifications: Ring users can receive motion-triggered notifications delivered to a linked mobile device. Enabling “people only” mode creates even more specific motion alerts and helps reduce interruptions.

    Event history & timeline: Users can go back and access motion events recorded by these cameras, as well as save, download, or share. 

To prepare for this upcoming integration, U.S. customers can go to Ring.com and purchase a Ring Alarm Pro and subscribe to Ring Protect Pro before the ability to add select ONVIF-compatible cameras begins rolling out in April. Ring Alarm Pro starts at $249.99, and Ring Protect Pro is available for $20/month or $200/year.

For more information, visit ring.com.