DeepinView LPR G3 cameras have the ability to learn license plate information and recognize a broad range of vehicle plates. Their analytics also analyze vehicle attributes, including color, to enhance the efficiency of video searches to ensure highly accurate vehicle identification. The combined performance and intelligence of the new DeepinView LPR G3 cameras can help reduce false alarms by as much as 95 percent by accurately classifying vehicles and human attributes, while ignoring innocuous motion events, such as blowing tree limbs or roaming animals. DeepinView LPR G3 cameras produce clear images in dark environments using high light compensation. This technology reduces glare and enables the cameras to capture precise visual data, even with strong overexposure or backlighting. Additional features include a 4 MP image sensor for high-resolution images with an automatic iris to maintain quality images in changing lighting conditions, and H.265+ compression to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements. DeepinView LPR G3 cameras are also configured in a vandal-proof IK10 housing with NEMA 4x anti-corrosion coating to protect the units in harsh environments. The series includes three lens options with a total recognition range of 7 ft. to 197 ft.

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