Allegion US, provider of security products and solutions, announced that the Schlage MTB mobile enabled multi-technology readers have been tested and verified to meet the Security Industry Association (SIA) Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) communications standard for access control security and interoperability. Verification confirms the range’s higher security, interoperability, and advanced functionality.

“Allegion is a long-time advocate of OSDP standards, and we are proud to add the Schlage MTB readers to the list of OSDP Verified products,” said Devin Love, director of commercial software and electronic products. “As more hardware and software manufacturers adopt an open architecture, the power of access control systems increases exponentially. The OSDP verification assures security professionals that these products provide the high level of security and interoperability required in a variety of use cases.”

Launched in April 2020, SIA OSDP Verified is a comprehensive testing program that validates a device conforms to the SIA OSDP standard and the related performance profiles. SIA started its OSDP Verified program to test and validate that devices conform to the standard and related performance protocols. The Schlage MTB mobile enabled multi-technology readers + SIA OSDP Verified provides: 

 •    Increased interoperability: Enables communication among different manufacturers' devices and solutions

    Higher security: Offers more security than most common access control communications protocol and supports high-end AES-128 encryption 

    Ease of use: Eliminates guesswork since encryption and authentication are predefined.

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