In XProtect 2022 R1 video management software, Milestone offers several features and capabilities, including the management server failover solution, single sign-on in XProtect and a new selection of choices ranging from multi-live streaming, adaptive streaming and direct-streaming. XProtect management server failover solution is a complete solution that protects the management server (and the SQL server when installed on the same physical server) from hardware, software and human error server failures. It assures that operators can log in to the system and access live and playback video, as well as the system’s configuration at all times. Its efficient design and simple configuration give users the ability to switch to a reliable backup Management Server seamlessly and automatically when the primary one fails. It provides synchronous real-time file replication, automatic application failover and automatic failback after a server failure, all in one solution. XProtect management server failover is available as an add-on product for XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate version 2022 R1 or later.

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