The PNM-C12083RVD supports 15 fps image capture and true 120dB WDR without compromising the frame rate for each of its 6MP sensors. Motorized varifocal lenses offer a focal range of 3.54–6.69mm for flexible field of view adjustment in each direction. Similarly, the new PNM-C7083RVD supports 30 fps with 120dB WDR for each of its 2MP sensors. The camera’s motorized varifocal lenses support a range of 3.0-6.0mm. The multi-directional AI cameras’ deep-learning algorithms can reliably identify multiple distinct objects. They can detect and classify people, vehicles, faces and license plates in real time. False alarms due to non-interesting motion, such as wind-blown trees, shadows or animals, are significantly reduced. Camera generated metadata (person, face, vehicle, license plate) is embedded in the video allowing a compatible VMS to use the data for highly efficient forensic search. The cameras also generate BestShot (a frame containing the object detected), which can be displayed during in forensic search results to assist the operator in making a quick selection. WiseNR II noise reduction utilizes AI to identify object movement and reduce blur in noisy, low light environments. AI-based preferred shutter technology automatically adjusts the shutter speed based on classified objects in motion and the lighting conditions in a scene to reduce motion blur and deliver the clearest images possible. WiseStream III technology adjusts the video encoder to focus maximum video quality on the detected objects in a scene while scaling back encoding on the rest of the scene. 

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