Vector Flow’s SOC automation suite features three AI-driven modules — SOC alarm reduction, SOC governance manager, and SOC predictive maintenance manager — that tie physical security processes together and automate tasks. Vector Flow SOC alarm reduction manager analyzes historic and live data, then mathematically recalibrates the system to eliminate more than 80 percent of false-positive/nuisance alarms over time. Vector Flow SOC governance manager helps security leaders take an outcome-driven approach to managing the performance of their security program. With SOC governance, security management can continuously monitor and assess their organization’s current security state, analyze how security outcomes rank SOC operators and field officers and create improvement plans that reduce risk and costs. Vector Flow SOC predictive maintenance manager autonomously finds trends in devices’ health, performs risk and criticality assessments, identifies failure modes, and makes predictive maintenance recommendations. The fully automated solution greatly reduces routine and emergency repairs and maintenance costs, while eliminating unnecessary business disruptions and risks. 

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