OpenEye, the cloud video platform company, has added Bosch to the OpenEye Web Services (OWS) ecosystem. Users can now leverage sensor and alarm events from their Bosch intrusion panels to generate more actionable alerts and operational intelligence. 

With the Bosch intrusion integration in OWS, users can expect: 

    Real-time intrusion event notifications with links to associated video 

    More actionable alerts thanks to event thumbnails and sensor/area names included in alert details 

    Video verification of intrusion events for complete situational awareness 

    Reduced false alerts by using panel armed state as part of alerts logic 

    Faster and more intuitive video search 

Bosch panels send intrusion event data over the LAN to a recorder, which transmits it to the OWS cloud. The integration supports any Bosch Mode 2 compatible, including the B and G Series hardware. This integration requires specific OWS license levels. 

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