After an external audit of DMP’s ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management System, DMP achieved recertification with no non-conformances. 

“The successful completion of this audit is a testament to the dedication that DMP has to its business and quality systems which have been put in place to ensure that we provide the highest quality parts and services to our customers,” said DMP Director of Corporate Quality Chris Montgomery.

ISO 9001:2015 is a non-industry specific certification and is intended for any organization that wants to implement and maintain a quality management system. Some of the benefits of implementing this certification include streamlining processes, lowering waste, customer turnover, repeated orders, while increasing sales and profits.  

“This achievement is a result of every DMP employee’s commitment to defining and following the processes outlined within our Quality Management System,” Montgomery said. “We have as much work to do now as we ever have. We identified several opportunities for improvement and are already working to implement projects to address those opportunities. Rather than settling for ‘good enough,’ we continually strive to improve our processes in an effort to become more efficient, innovative and quality driven in everything we do.”