Qognify VMS is designed to meet the specific physical security needs of organizations around the globe. It combines the powerful core of an enterprise-class VMS with unique added values such as low total costs of ownership, business process support, advanced ecosystem integrations and cloud readiness. Qognify VMS offers the possibility to store video data in the cloud. A wide range of turnkey hardware solutions are available for Qognify VMS. The built-to-spec servers and clients minimize the risks in planning, ensure optimal performance, accelerate rollouts and allow for one-stop sourcing. All units come with a comprehensive five-year warranty. The Qognify VMS ecosystem offers a holistic solution addressing unique omni-channel needs as well as true enterprise requirements such as supporting large scale store rollouts as well as efficient Web-based monitoring and management of video across thousands of stores. For the Americas, Qognify VMS comes in three product packages that reflect the typical requirements of different project profiles. While Qognify VMS Professional covers the needs of less complex surveillance projects, the flexible Advanced package is designed for larger and more complex projects. Finally, the Infinity package fulfils all true enterprise requirements and includes a multitude of features at no additional cost.

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