Managed security provider Kastle Systems announced a partnership with EarthCam, global provider of webcam content, technology, and services for construction. By combining Kastle's deep roots in developing and implementing technology solutions for the real estate sector with EarthCam's expertise in high-resolution cameras and visual data, the companies are collaborating to provide construction sites with the latest in video surveillance and time-lapse visual data solutions.

EarthCam and Kastle are launching a promotional partnership to offer the construction industry a job site monitoring solution that combines high-resolution, AI-powered time-lapse camera technology with cloud-based, on-site video surveillance technology to meet the widest-ranging specialized visual data requirements for security, surveillance, and documentation.

"This partnership with EarthCam expands Kastle's advanced video services and access control capabilities in serving the construction industry," said Haniel Lynn, Kastle Systems CEO. "Our goal is to provide cutting-edge property protection technology for developers and construction companies throughout the building process, from groundbreaking through ongoing operations."

Brian Cury, CEO and founder of EarthCam, said, "EarthCam is joining forces with Kastle to combine our high-resolution, AI-powered time-lapse camera technology with Kastle Systems' expertise in property technology. Both teams’ collective expertise makes it possible to meet the widest-ranging specialized visual data requirements for security, surveillance, and documentation."

Kastle Systems' MobileSentry solution provides construction sites with comprehensive analytics-based monitoring and customizable cloud video storage. MobileSentry includes smart cameras, audio deterrent, and real-time monitoring. Employing Kastle's U.S.-based operations center, the program oversees video alarms generated by smart cameras to respond with live audio challenge and notification of site management and police.

EarthCam's cameras empower construction site developers, engineers, and contractors by delivering high-quality visual imagery and on-site data. EarthCam's Control Center 8 has become the software of choice among industry leaders for AI-powered project documentation, safety analysis, and promotion. EarthCam is driving productivity for a more visually informative jobsite, working with industry leaders around the globe to make construction projects less costly and more efficient using powerful visual data. The company is expanding the marketplace for premium AI-powered reality-capture solutions that deliver detailed recording of construction sites and live streaming for constant project monitoring, even in extreme weather conditions.

"DPR has been using both EarthCam and Kastle for years, so it's exciting to have them working together.  Now I can call one contact for my project documentation and time-lapse needs as well as jobsite security," said Wade Holden, project manager at DPR Construction. "When my stakeholders want a daily high-quality time-lapse movie, I know I can grab one easily from our EarthCam software and it will be presentation-ready within seconds.  During the project, I can mark-up and share images of project progress.  With Kastle's remote video guarding and live talk down feature, I rest easy knowing my jobsite has the protection necessary to thwart off any unwanted intrusions."