Ooma, Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, has introduced the Ooma Remote Device Manager (RDM), a web portal for monitoring and managing its Ooma AirDial turnkey replacement solution for legacy copper-wire phone lines.

Ooma AirDial works by combining the AirDial base station with virtual analog phone service from Ooma and a data connection through a nationwide wireless network.

Users can access the remote device manager portal anywhere at any time to view the status of AirDial devices. It can be customized to display key data — either in list view or device detail view — such as in-service status, wireless sign, and the health of the backup battery.

The RDM can also be set to send automatic notifications, by text or email, to multiple users whenever there are events such as an AirDial device going out of service or having a low battery. And IT consultants managing AirDial installations for multiple customers can monitor devices across all of their accounts and even control billing and selection of service plans.

Brickpoint Properties, a residential and commercial property management company in Stoneham, Mass., replaced costly and unreliable POTS lines with Ooma AirDial for applications including elevator phones, building lobby annunciator panels, boiler room water temperature alarms and swimming pool emergency phones.

“The Ooma Remote Device Manager really helps me stay on top of what’s happening with AirDial units at five Brickpoint locations without having to send anyone on my team to the site,” said Matthew Shellenberger, CEO of Networking Now in Cambridge, Mass., and the virtual chief technology officer of Brickpoint. “I get a broad overview of all of the products and I can then drill down to specifics of one device or go into details of what’s happening with just one phone number.”

To see AirDial in action to Brickpoint Properties, watch the short video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuSSBHwbGW0.

For more information, visit www.ooma.com