Banner Solutions, a national supplier of security opening hardware products and solutions, has launched an entirely re-designed eCommerce experience through its website

The new site, tailored to address the specific challenges and pain points of current customers, reflects how Banner Solutions continues to think in terms of delivering solutions, not just product, said President and CEO Brendan Deely.

"This all-in commitment to improving our platform is a testimony to how Banner Solutions uses leading-edge technology to demonstrate to customers that we listen to them and understand their expectations in a best-in-class eCommerce experience," Deely said. "We’re committed to making the complex simple."

Deely also said innovation and efficiency are baked into the new site, which for building materials suppliers, locksmiths, glaziers, system integrators and contract hardware distributors provides new opportunity to upgrade how they order door hardware products.

“It’s not just about having a great website. We already had a great website,” Chief Digital Officer Ben Smith said. “Our new web experience has been designed to equip the customers we serve with a platform that solves the challenges they face — specific to their business and their job.”

Smith said some customer groups have been slow to adopt digital ordering for a variety of reasons. Diving deep into customer feedback and walking through their individual experiences has allowed Banner Solutions' digital team to build an intimate understanding of pain points and frustrations.

“Each step in our eCommerce process should make our customers’ lives easier,” Smith said. “Our team is obsessed with delivering an excellent customer experience in every way; this launch serves as proof of that obsession. But ultimately, this is about providing our customers with a platform that acts as a productivity partner for their daily processes.”

An examination of the new site reveals how building material suppliers, locksmiths, glaziers and contract hardware distributors, will benefit from the new

Continued disruptions to global supply chains underscore the need for transparency in lead times, and ongoing labor challenges drive a focus on workforce efficiency, Smith said.

Users can track orders on the homepage and the footer and status alerts are frequent and informative. Product details, prioritized with consistent attributes, make comparing alternatives and accessing relevant information easier. Up-to-the-moment inventory and pricing provide extreme clarity on product availability, especially important for communicating to suppliers’ and distributors’ end customers. And, the new account dashboard is powerful and intuitive, Smith said, which delivers effortless user, project, order and invoice management.

For all users of the new Banner Solutions site, being able to clearly understand product pricing and availability, having a simple way to reorder common projects and products, and knowing the status of every order is the difference between productivity and frustration, Smith said.

“Banner Solutions is delivering efficiency in these areas in ways that few other distributors, regardless of product offering, even bother to attempt.”