The Foundation for Advancing Security Talent (FAST) has officially registered National Security Technician Day as an annual commemorative day on January 23 to honor security technicians across the country. 

On National Security Technician Day and the week that follows, FAST encourages all businesses and individuals in the security industry to recognize the hard work, dedication and skills that security technicians provide. 

From the installation of security solutions to the configuration and service of this equipment, the efforts of security technicians are essential to the delivery and function of security technologies that protect the United States, its citizens, businesses and government; the skilled work of security technicians underpins the safety of our homes and even our nation’s homeland security. 

“At FAST, we seek to drive awareness of the incredible employment opportunities in the electronic security and safety industry, and the role of the security technician is one of the most incredible opportunities to enter the security industry and build a successful and rewarding career,” said Paul Hevesy, chair of the board of directors for FAST. “On Jan. 23, we’re celebrating the contributions of all those who serve as security technicians, and we encourage all industry companies to join us in this celebration.” 

The Security Industry Association (SIA) and the Electronic Security Association (ESA) are working in tandem with FAST to celebrate National Security Technician Day. Together the three organizations are recommending companies make their appreciation demonstrable to the security technicians at their company or their partner companies. 

National Security Technician Day has been formally registered on the National Day Calendar, and throughout 2023, FAST will provide ESA and SIA members with marketing resources to support companies’ communications and activities to celebrate these valuable employees who install and service security systems. 

“This is an historic and long overdue opportunity to celebrate the very women and men in the security industry that design, install and maintain vast areas of technology in every city, every day,” said SIA board member Ryan Kaltenbaugh, senior vice president, LenelS2. “The last several years these talented people have been challenged with the pandemic, supply chain and workforce development obstacles and this is the time to stand with them and applaud their work. I’m humbled by what they do as they are the foundation and future of our industry.” 

“Every day, in cars, trucks and vans, security technicians are responding to the critical needs of end users needing their expertise to secure facilities with the very best technology the industry has to offer,” he said. “Security technicians are the foundation of our industry, and this is an opportunity to celebrate these women and men.” 

“Technicians are consistently identified as our most valuable players, and I am so grateful they will be receiving recognition on this inaugural ‘National Security Technician Day,’” said John Loud, president of LOUD Security and chairman of ESA. “This is the first in what I hope will be a series of days where we as an industry can celebrate our teams together.” 

To learn more about National Security Technician Day on January 23, visit the FAST website or contact FAST at In early January, FAST will also offer an online tool through which companies and organizations can officially register as supporters of National Security Technician Day 2023.