The ASIS Foundation, in partnership with UK-based research firm The Clarity Factory, launched its first-ever Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) report, “Empowering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Corporate Security 2022.” The report highlights DEI challenges within corporate security and suggestions towards building a culture that respects and celebrates the diversity of its workforce; recruiting, developing, and retaining diverse talent necessary to address the challenges faced by the security profession. 

According to Maria Teresa Septien, CPP, Chair, ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees, “Valuing and leveraging a diverse workforce, and developing and retaining talent with different life experiences, will undoubtedly bring better and more strategic solutions to the world of security. We embarked on this research effort to better understand the current state of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within corporate security: the nature and extent of diversity, the experience of diverse professionals within the industry, the thinking of corporate security leaders and the types of initiatives they are spearheading, the role of membership organizations, and outstanding challenges. Organizations like ASIS International have a key role to play in progressing DEI efforts now and in the years to come.”

Rachel Briggs, OBE, co-founder and CEO of The Clarity Factory, said, “According to the study's findings, corporate security departments have recently placed more focus on DEI work. Corporate leaders acknowledge the importance of DEI but also voice their displeasure that more hasn't been done. Security isn't the only sector suffering with it. Although there is still much to learn about the strategies that will work best for corporate security, this study gives us a glimpse into the most urgent problems now present in corporate security settings.”

Nearly all of the CSOs participating in this research effort placed a great emphasis on broadening the diversity of their teams, improving equity via the work, and fostering inclusive workplaces. Their work across the three areas of DEI was documented and fell into the following three categories:

1.    Collective Wisdom: Getting more diverse talent into corporate security – diversity

2.    Rewarding Talent: Ensuring all talent can rise equitably through the function – equity

3.    Unlocking the Diversity Dividend: Inclusive work environments – inclusion

To view the executive summary, please click here.