ProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of cloud access control platform built for mobile, and Turing AI, manufacturer of cloud video surveillance systems and IP cameras, announced an integration that provides users with a 100 percent cloud-based platform.

Integrators can now offer customers a fully scalable video and access control system, an always-current software, embedded cybersecurity and minimal support requirements from IT staff. Integration between the two platforms is turnkey. An access control tab within the Turing Vision software allows administrators to instantaneously synchronize their camera system with a PDK cloud node, thereby displaying all PDK-secured openings within the Turning AI interface. Users can then easily point-and-click to associate specific cameras with each door.

The integration bookmarks video related to access events and allows for soft triggers to automate system responses, like unlocking doors, issuing notifications, and instituting a lockdown. Furthermore, it leverages Turing’s sophisticated AI algorithms that can provide both live and forensic analysis of video streams.

“Partnering with Turing AI, a company that offers anytime, anywhere access to surveillance video via a cloud solution, provides customers with the perfect complement to our PDK access control system,” said Brach Bengtzen, ProdataKey’s director of marketing. “This level of accessibility is what the market demands, and our dealers will find exceptional value in making this integration widely available.”

Yi Jin, Ph.D., VP of marketing at Turing AI said, “Companies can now secure their businesses like never before. PDK Access Control and Turing Vision provide seamless integration of access control, smart video search, intelligent alerts, remote monitoring and live stream sharing.”

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