IVA Pro Buildings, based on deep learning AI technology, is ideal for advanced surveillance in and around buildings. It accurately detects persons and vehicles even in crowded areas. IVA Pro Traffic, also based on deep learning, supports strategies to enhance mobility, safety and the efficient use of roadways. It subclassifies vehicles as cars, bicycles, buses, motorcycles and trucks, and detects pedestrians to enable vulnerable road user safety solutions. IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking enables moving cameras to follow persons or vehicles in busy or crowded scenes, zooming in automatically and keeping subjects in view while in the field of view of the camera. It uses deep learning AI technology to understand more complex vehicle and pedestrian traffic scenarios and situations, such as when vehicles and pedestrians stop moving due to traffic lights, congestion or an incident. IVA Pro Perimeter provides long-distance detection alongside perimeters of buildings, data centers and energy facilities, even in extreme weather. It can detect intruders who roll, crawl or camouflage themselves while minimizing false triggers. Video security cameras pair IVA Pro with high-image quality. These solutions include: the Flexidome 5100i fixed dome cameras, the Dinion 7100i IR bullet cameras and the Autodome 7100i moving cameras.

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