VuWall, a provider of video wall control systems and unified visualization solutions, announced its TRx centralized video wall management software, encoders and video wall controllers were installed to monitor the high-stake affairs of the 48th G7 Summit that took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany last year. 

While world leaders discussed and proposed solutions to global issues, more than 18,000 police officers were commissioned to oversee the safety and security of the event from the town's stadium. Deployed by integrator AVS, the stadium was transformed into a makeshift command center where the summit police could visualize the proceedings and surrounding area from giant video walls powered by VuWall's solutions. 

“The G7 Summit is an event that brings together dignitaries from several countries to discuss topics of global importance, so being able to build an effective and secure video wall solution to monitor the town and the event was paramount,” said Fadhl Al-Bayaty, vice president of product management at VuWall. “Our video wall solutions not only were fast and easy to deploy but they also enabled the various streams of data and video to be accessed and controlled as needed, ensuring the safety and security of the event.”

VuWall's disruptive technology is built around an advanced ecosystem of video wall controllers, encoders and decoders — all managed by the company's interoperable TRx Centralized Management Software. TRx combines AV-over-IP distribution with advanced video wall and KVM management, all from a single intuitive user interface. Integrators and operators simply drag-and-drop sources they need to visualize to the desired surface area on the video wall. TRx ensures organizations can distribute any source to any display in mission-critical and professional applications, such as the G7 Summit.

From traffic accidents to spontaneous demonstrations, all incidents before and during the summit were projected onto a huge 12x4 video wall in the command room, along with a smaller 4x2 video wall. In addition, six 65-inch displays were deployed in the meeting room of joint staff. To disseminate streams of data, camera feeds, and other incoming information, the team relied upon VuWall's comprehensive visualization management solution, which provided the flexibility to ingest and visualize the wide range of sources at a moment's notice. AVS installed 40 VuStream 150 encoders, which were all centrally configured and managed by TRx. Along with 16 HDMI 2.0 AVXT extenders, the VuStream 150 allowed high-quality video streams to be delivered across the organization's IP network. In addition, two VuScape 640 video wall controllers were deployed, providing easy control and distribution of all content sources to any display within the summit's network and with the utmost flexibility and full-featured management software. After the G7 Summit, the state-of-the-art system was reinstalled to police stations in Bavaria, adding immense and ongoing visualization resources to the organization.

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