Clopay Corp.’s LED Light Kit provides an illuminated visual signal for standard and high-performance overhead rolling doors and grilles. Ideal for fire and emergency services, warehouses and parking applications, the LED light strips alert drivers to an open or closed door or grille. This feature is offered by Clopay on both Cornell and Cookson branded models. The LED lights notify users of several different door positions. Red lights flash when the door is in motion and stay steadily lit when the door is closed. When green lights are lit, the door is open. White lights indicate the door’s safety device is triggered or has malfunctioned. Additionally, they are available in 5 ft., 10 ft. or 15 ft. versions to ensure visibility at varying heights when in higher commercial vehicles or in rear-view mirrors; as well, they are able to be retro-fitted to existing doors. They are IP68 rated, while marine-grade wiring and stainless steel hardware ensure durability and longevity in harsh conditions. When a door or grille is closed, red LEDs illuminate work areas, preserving night vision and reducing the need for white lights. LED Light Kit is available for all standard and high-performance rolling doors, grilles and counter doors, excluding fire and smoke-rated products.

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