, a computer vision intelligence company, announced an integration partnership with Software House to enable joint users to prioritize incoming alarms and events.’s Signals Intelligence solution now interfaces with C•CURE 9000, a security management system for people, buildings and assets. The integration forwards events detected in C•CURE 9000 to the Context Graph where they are correlated with the corresponding video for real-time analysis.

If the AI algorithm detects a suspicious event such as a break-in, unauthorized access attempt or propped open door, the alert will be flagged for additional urgency. However, if no suspicious activity is found, the Context Graph shares contextual information indicating why the event is not a threat with C•CURE 9000 users, so the event can be dismissed. The integration's deployment can aid in the prioritization of critical alarms, leading to a decrease in overall alarm volume and unnecessary resource demands on security teams.

“Today’s security teams face constant resource strain,” said Jeff Tousignant, integrations product manager, Software House. “Our integration with Ambient automates the manual effort needed for visual verification, enabling security operations centers to respond to incidents faster. With this interface, unactionable alerts are minimized, security events are prioritized, and users are empowered to proactively intervene before incidents escalate.”

“Security teams are constantly looking to focus more on the most pressing security alerts and threats, which requires solutions that minimize unactionable alarms and help responders to focus on actionable events,” said Shikhar Shrestha, co-founder and CEO of “By integrating Signals Intelligence with C•CURE 9000, customers can now uplevel their security posture, reduce the alarm volume and prioritize operations that prevent and resolve security incidents.”

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