The StatusLight is an agnostic IoT indicator lamp purpose-built for the security industry. Housing more than 36 full-spectrum LEDs, the StatusLight is a compact and lightweight device designed to indicate the status of an ongoing event. Effortlessly customizable and endlessly scalable, the StatusLight can receive alerts from practically any source, triggering bright colors, patterns and sounds to alert on-site personnel of an ongoing security event. Whether initiated by an unauthorized perimeter breach or the identification of an individual attempting to access a protected area, the color of the StatusLight’s full-spectrum LEDs (i.e., red, green, blue, yellow and white) can be customized to change, depending on the urgency of the alarm. Designed for ease of integration, the StatusLight supports PoE, Wifi, SMS and AI and is the perfect add-on for deployments across verticals, such as K-12 schools, hospitals, banks, utilities, critical infrastructure, etc.

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