Hanwha Vision America has completed the integration of its Wisenet WAVE video management system with AMAG Technology's Symmetry Access Control software.

According to the announcement, the company aims to provide greater system choice and flexibility for customers, especially in AMAG’s key markets including data centers, finance, banking, commercial, healthcare and education. The new AMAG Integration Plugin for Wisenet WAVE VMS seamlessly allows the assignment of video cameras registered within Wisenet WAVE VMS to mapped resources within the Symmetry software such as access card readers, which can then be viewed in the Symmetry interface. The plug-in allows the viewing of Wisenet WAVE VMS-generated events, live and recorded video, and system information through Symmetry Access Control.

“Often, companies are tied to their access control technology only,” said Matthew Mendler, integration manager at Hanwha Vision America. “Through this integration with our WAVE VMS, AMAG and their customers can now also use WAVE VMS, delivering more options and more flexibility to choose the right technology for specific applications.”

Through the AMAG Integration Plugin for Wisenet WAVE VMS, system operators can add camera analytics, alarm and event triggers registered within a Wisenet WAVE VMS system.  The plugin also supports bi-directional PTZ presets and tours created in Symmetry Access Control Center and Wisenet WAVE VMS to be used in either environment.

“We are pleased to welcome Hanwha Vision America to the Symmetry Partner Program,” said Kim Rahfaldt, director of marketing and public relations, AMAG Technology. “The certified integration between Symmetry Access Control and Wisenet WAVE VMS provides more options and allows the two companies to meet their customers’ critical requirements.”

Key Features of the AMAG Integration Plugin for Wisenet WAVE VMS:

  • Wisenet WAVE VMS Alarm and Event Integration 
    • Camera-Based Analytics Events
    • Camera Offline Alarms
    • Motion Events
    • VMS Server Events
  • Symmetry Access Control Center Commands 
    • Predefined Events
    • Scheduled Events
    • Triggered Events
  • Symmetry Access Control Center bookmarks integration
  • Bulk import of Wisenet WAVE registered cameras
  • Graphics
  • ID Verification Screen
  • Increase Video Playback Speed
  • Instant Replay
  • PTZ Camera Control and Presets
  • Video Playback

For more information, visit: hanwhavisionamerica.com.