Identity One announced the successful testing of their joint solution with Convergint Federal for a North Carolina military facility. The military facility expressed a need to register Common Access Cards (CAC) into an air-gapped AMAG physical access control system (PACS). Convergint’s integrated solution employs Identity One’s FIPSlink software to ensure the facility’s ability to become fully FICAM compliant when requirements change.

“Convergint Federal has extensive experience in adhering to government compliance and regulations — including high-security specifications, and life safety, physical security and cybersecurity standards — and we’re excited to work alongside the Identity One team that has deep expertise in the industry,” said Shane Hamilton, program manager, Convergint. “Our commitment to meeting and exceeding government standards is complemented by our drive to be our customers’ best service provider, and we’re proud to collaborate with a team that prioritizes the same mission.”

Focused on compliant, innovative security solutions for federal government and military installations, Convergint Federal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Convergint, a global provider of service-based systems integration. Convergint Federal offers a suite of programmatic and project management tools to facilitate system optimization at federal and military installations worldwide. With a deep understanding of regulatory compliance requirements, procurement, and the complexities of the federal government, Convergint Federal’s innovative, scalable solutions ensure consistent risk management.

“Identity One understands the unique needs of federal government customers implementing smart cards based on FIPS 201-3,” said David Smith, CEO of Identity One. “We are excited to collaborate with Convergint Federal to make this deployment possible, as their extensive experience in this market establishes them as a trusted partner in government security. Our joint integration will safeguard facility personnel and ensures total FIPS 201-3 compliance for years to come.”

Using FIPSlink from Identity One, the Convergint Solution enables the AMAG PACS the opportunity to validate, authenticate and register a PIV, PIV-I and/or CAC, in addition to providing one, two or three-factor authentication by verifying the credential’s digital certificates and matching a live biometric against the templates stored on the card. With Identity One’s contribution, the Convergint Federal solution delivered a reliable, flexible, and integrated physical access control and identity management system.

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